Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Upgrade Tonics Satchel

Tonics are a vital component in order to survive the harsh world of Red Dead Redemption 2. You will come across with various life and death situations from time to time. You might need it to keep you healthy or to buff up your stamina. Above all, you’ll need them to survive! And you would definitely want to have a huge number of tonics stocked up. In this article, we’ll show you how to upgrade the Tonics Satchel in RDR2, so you can carry twice as many tonics with you.

Unlock Tonics Satchel Upgrade

Firstly, you’ll need to complete the requirements below:

  • Leather Working Tools
  • Upgrade Medicine Wagon Twice

Fulfill the two requirements by accessing the Camp Upgrades by opening up the Ledger and purchasing the said upgrades.

What Do You Need

To find out what you need to craft the upgrade, visit Mr. Pearson, The Cook of the camp and select the Crafting Upgrades option.

tonics satchel upgrading menu RDR2

So, we’ve identified what sort of pelts we’ll be needing for the Tonics Satchel upgrade. The pelts are:

  • 1 x Perfect Deer Pelt
  • 1 x Perfect Buck Pelt
  • 1 x Perfect Elk Pelt

This particular satchel upgrade is easy as it requires pelts from animals that are pretty abundant in the Red Dead Redemption 2 map. You’ll definitely come across a bunch of deer that are startled by you galloping past them. So, the only thing you should check before taking down the animal is the 3-star indicator that will give out a perfect pelt.

Hunting Tools For Efficiency

Since we’ll be collecting pelts from big animals, you’ll only be needing your rifles. We would suggest a Rolling Block Rifle with a scope attachment to avoid alerting the animals and allow you to get your shot in from a distance. However, you can use improved arrows or rifles (except Varmint Rifle) to hunt your prey.

Rolling Block Rifle with scope in RDR2

Animal Location: Buck and Deer

The Deer and Buck are pretty much the male and female species of deer. You can quickly spot the difference with the presence of antlers that would identify it as a male. Likewise, you could just hover your scope and find out what type of deer it is. You will pretty much come across buck and deer almost everywhere in RDR2. If you want specifics, you can go here.

Animal Location: Elk

Locating an elk is a bit tricky. They can be found usually close to mountainous parts of Red Dead Redemption 2. However, if you ever find yourself lost in looking for a certain type of animal, always consult the compendium.

To access the Animal compendium, escape to the Main Menu of the game, select Progress, then Animals and browse through the list till you find the animal you’re looking for. Always study new unknown animals that you come across in your travels! For example, we’re looking for an elk.

Rocky Mountain Bull Elk Compendium RDR2

Most of the elk population is concentrated around northern New Hanover. Your best bet to find an elk is at the Cumberland Forest.

Elk location, Cumberland Forest RDR2

You can also find elk in these areas highlighted in yellow of New Hanover:

Elk Location, Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hunting Tips

hunting with scope in RDR2
Stars indicate quality of pelt and the name of the animal is shown in the bottom right corner.

Survey the animal with your scope first before you take your shot. Check whether it’s the animal you’re looking for and the quality of the pelt is perfect. 3-stars highlighted in the right bottom corner indicate that the pelt you’ll get is a perfect pelt.

Dead Eye hunting

Use Dead Eye ability to get in a clean shot and preserve the quality of the pelt. But remember, the quality will degrade if you shoot it in the wrong spot or if you take multiple shots to take it down.

Final Step

Head back to camp and visit Mr. Pearson. Firstly, “Donate” and give Pearson the required pelts. Secondly, select “Crafting Upgrades” and see whether the pelts are there. You’ll notice that the donated pelts will be in the ingredients and menu.

Mr Pearson donate menu
Crafting upgrades menu

Finally, click on Craft and your Tonics Satchel is now upgraded! Now you can carry more tonics with you. Check out how to upgrade your Ingredients Satchel here.



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