Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Upgrade Kit Satchel

So you’re on a satchel upgrading spree, and you’ve come across the Kit Satchel upgrade. What does it hold? Well, a little of everything actually. However, if you choose to ignore this particular upgrade, then you’re forgetting the real reward at the end of your satchel journey. The one satchel you’ll ever need. The Legend of the East Satchel. So keep at it cowboy!

The Kit Satchel upgrade is pretty straightforward. Hunt specific animals in RDR2, get perfect pelts, donate to Mr. Pearson at your camp and voila. Upgrades are done. So, this guide will tell you how you can achieve this quickly and efficiently.

Unlock Kit Satchel Upgrade

  • Donate 3 valuables

Firstly, fulfill the single requirement by donating valuables to the Camp’s donation box. It’s located near the Ledger. Select the “Contribute” option and donate 3 valuable items. It could be any valuable objects (rings, belt buckles, etc.). 3 pieces of it and you’re done.

What Do You Need

To find out what animals you’re going to need to hunt for the upgrade, visit Mr. Pearson and select the Crafting Upgrades option.

Kit Satchel RDR2

Alright, this time around, we’ll be needing these pelts in order to complete the Kit Satchel upgrade. The pelts are:

  • 1 x Perfect Deer Pelt
  • 1 x Perfect Panther Pelt
  • 1 x Perfect Elk Pelt

I’m not going to lie to you, but completing this particular upgrade can be a little tricky. Acquiring the Deer and Elk pelts are quite easy. The panther pelt will be quite a challenge, and it requires you to employ tactics to outsmart the predator.

Hunting Tools For Efficiency

First, you’ll be needing rifles for all the animals that you’ll be hunting. The Rolling Block Rifle is a great selection.

On the other hand, hunting panthers is going to need a different touch. We’ll suggest that you go with a Carbine Repeater if you’re planning for a close encounter. You’ll need to use the High Velocity ammo to take down a panther effectively with one shot. Open your Weapons wheel, scroll to the rifle, and use your cursor to change the type of ammo you’ll be using.

How to Switch Ammo Type

Press Tab to open the weapon wheel. Equip the gun you want, and press X to cycle through your available ammunition.

Ammo switch RDR2

Elk Location

You can find Elk heavily populated in the areas highlighted in yellow below:

Elk location RDR2

If you’re having trouble with hunting elk, here’s more information about elk here. For hunting deer, they can be found abundantly across the map. Refer to the map and look for the deer icon to increase your chances of finding them.

Animal Location: Panther

Now we’ve come to the fun part. Well, it’s going to be a pain in the butt, if we’re being honest. Unlike all the other pelts we’ve covered so far for the Satchel upgrades, none is as dangerous and frustrating as the Panther. There are too many tutorials out there that have a varying probability of success. We’ll be making an in-depth Panther hunting article soon. But for now, here’s what you need to know.

Remember, panthers in Red Dead Redemption 2 can only be found in specific spots. However, we’ll focus on one spot as we believe it’s the easiest spot to get a panther.

Panther location Red Dead Redemption 2

The panther hunting grounds are located Southeast of Braithwaite Manor. The blue highlight on the map is the ridge, where the panther will spawn most of the time.

Here are a couple of tips for hunting a panther. So you don’t end up like this:

panther attack in RDR2

Panther Hunting Tips

  1. The panther spawns during the day.
  2. Use your binoculars to scout out the panther.
  3. If you notice animals (deer/boar) running out of the forest, there is a panther nearby.
  4. If you’re planning to rush the panther, keep an eye on your map to see whether a red dot appears.
  5. Use Dead Eye to get a clean shot in.
  6. Use High Velocity bullets to get a clean kill and preserve the quality of the pelt.
  7. If you fail to get a perfect panther pelt, it takes about 1.5 days to spawn another panther.

Final Touches

Collect all your pelts and visit Mr. Pearson. Donate first, and then select Crafting Upgrades. Scroll through the satchel upgrade menu and click on the Kit Satchel Upgrade.

Kit Satchel final upgrade

And there you have it! Upgrade Kit Satchel to carry more stuff as you ride into the sunset in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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