How to Upgrade Provisions Satchel in RDR2

Satchel upgrades are a welcomed perk in Red Dead Redemption 2. After all, having the crafting mechanics would require you to lug around a huge amount of materials at all times. The satchel upgrades are available for each type of item category. The Provisions Satchel upgrade will increase the carrying capacity for all types of provisions. No more running out of candy to munch on mid-battle.

Unlock Provisions Satchel Upgrade in RDR2

Firstly, you’ll need to complete the requirements below:

  • Leather Working Tools
  • Upgrade Provisions Wagon Twice

Fulfill the two requirements by accessing the Camp Upgrades through Ledger. Purchase the upgrades mentioned above.

What Do You Need

Like all satchels in RDR2, you’re going to need a couple of perfect pelts to craft said satchel upgrades.

To find out what you need to craft the upgrade, visit Mr. Pearson, The Cook of the camp and select the Crafting Upgrades option.

Provisions satchel upgrade requirements rdr2

So, we’ve identified what sort of pelts we’ll be needing for the Tonics Satchel upgrade. The pelts are:

  • 1 x Perfect Deer Pelt
  • 1 x Perfect Bison Pelt
  • 1 x Perfect Raccoon Pelt

This satchel upgrade requires you to cover a larger area of the map to find these animals in their natural habitat. However, it’s not hard to fulfill the task of finding the required pelts.

Hunting Tools For Efficiency

For Deer and Bison, go for any rifle/repeater. I would highly suggest the Rolling Block Rifle for its scope feature. Shoot them from a far at your leisure. Trying to get close to them will startle them, and it’s a whole chasing down the right deer/bison.

For acquiring a perfect raccoon pelt, you’re going to need to use the Varmint Rifle. Remember, this particular rifle is used to hunt smaller mammals without degrading the pelt condition.

Always remember to use Dead Eye before taking the kill shot to ensure that the pelt is not compromised.

Where to Find Deer and Raccoon?

Generally, you can find deer and raccoons scattered across the map. However, if you’re looking for specific locations for raccoons for higher chances of encountering them, you can head over to the Animal Compendium and check out their location. Remember to always check the quality of their pelt before taking your shot.

Where to find Bison in Red Dead Redemption 2?

According to the Animal Compendium, Bison are native to the plains of New Hanover and West Elizabeth. Quickly pull out your map and look for the bison symbol:

bison location 1 rdr2
This indicates that bison are usually chilling around this spot.

If you’re still having trouble looking for bison herds, which apparently is a problem for a lot of RDR2 players, you can check out either Twin Stack Pass or Heartland Overflow. Your best bet is to check out Heartland Overflow. Use your binoculars to help spot them as the area is quite big.

Bison location 2 rdr2

Once you’ve come across a herd of bison, use your scope to survey which one has the perfect pelt. Then, choose your mark and make sure you have the kill shot. Remember, use Dead Eye for guaranteed success.

Bison killshot

Final Step to Upgrade

Finally, head back to Mr. Pearson, and select the Provisions Satchel in the Crafting Upgrades menu. Check if all the pelts are there. Remember to Donate them first before going into the Crafting Upgrades menu.

Provisions Satchel final crafting rdr2

Craft and voila! You’re now rocking an upgraded version of the Provisions Satchel. Double the amount of provisions you can carry with you and never worry about never having enough food, ever!

Additionally, if you’re looking for other satchel upgrade guides, check these out:

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