Valheim: How to Build Stairs for Your Base

Welcome to the magical, harsh world of Valheim! It looks like you’ve started to get the hang of the game. If you’re not, check out this Beginner’s Guide.

Some of you are stumbling into this blog looking for a guide to building stairs in Valheim. Well, I’m here to deliver.

Building Wood Stair in Valheim: Material

You’ll need some wood to build wood stairs. 2 Wood to be exact. Go chop some wood. Wood is an important resource when building structures, so make sure you get plenty before starting the build.

If you need additional info about the stats, check it out here.

It’s Hammer Time

Remember, in order to build anything in Valheim, you’ll need a workbench to be nearby. Build one if you don’t have one up already. Equip your hammer by right-clicking it from your inventory, and it’ll bring up the build menu. Click on the Crafting tab and build a workbench.

Build workbench in Valheim

Next, select the Building tab and select the Wood Stair.

select wood stairs in valheim

Start placing the wood stair in the intended area. Right click to place the stair section. If you’re looking to stack a couple of stairs, remember to aim your cursor at the middle end of the stairs to stack it perfectly. Stand in the middle of the built stairs to get the right placement.

placing stairs in valheim

Remember to build pillars if you’re planning to build long stairs. There’s a limit to how long your stairs can get without support before collapsing.

Stairs vs Ladders

If you’re looking to save up on space, then building ladders is an option. However, you might want to consider the animation between climbing stairs and ladders in Valheim.

The animation of climbing ladders is quite janky and will cost you some time to get to the top. And if you use stairs in your build, it’s a smooth ride to the top and faster as compared to climbing up the ladder.

And that’s it! We’ll make a full base building camp soon! In the meantime, see you at the gates of Valhalla!



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