Complete Guide to Red Dead Redemption 2 Satchels: FAQs and Tips

rdr2 satchel FAQ.

In the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2, having ample amount of equipment is the difference between surviving a bandit encounter and an afternoon snack for a grizzly bear. What you’re going to need is a bigger satchel space. And to do that you’re going to need materials to craft these upgraded satchels.

In RDR2, there’s a total of 7 main satchels that carry specific items. Each of them can be upgraded to expand the storage, except of the Legend of the East Satchel which is the final permanent upgrade that applies to all the other satchels. Never lose out on spare meat or items just because your satchels are filled up. Start upgrading them as soon as you can. Never miss out on ingredients, food, trinkets and whatever junk you come across the game!

We have compiled FAQs for the satchels available in RDR2. Learn more about the satchels, and check out the upgrade guides at the end of the article.

1. Do upgraded Satchels Stack in RDR2?

Yes, once you’ve unlocked the upgraded for a specific satchel, the upgraded capacity will be permanently unlocked. It stacks across all satchels.

2. Do I need to equip one specific satchel at a time?

All of your satchels are available to you at all times. You can access them using the assigned key.

3. How to open your satchel?

For console, press and hold the right button on your controller’s D-pad.

For PC, press “B” on your keyboard.

What is the easiest satchel to upgrade in RDR2?

The Tonics Satchel is arguably the easiest satchel to upgrade. It requires one perfect deer, buck and elk pelts. These animals are medium-sized and roam regularly around the map. For a satchel upgrade guide, click here.

Tonics Satchel allows you to carry medication that can help you when you’re in a tight spot. You can also use it to buff up your ability such as the Red Eye. To learn more on the types of available tonics, you can check out this list.

How to unlock upgrading satchels in RDR2?

The main requirement to be able to upgrade your satchels is to unlock Leather Working Tools upgrade, followed by another requirement. The Leather Working Tools upgrade can be done by accessing the ledger behind Duth’s tent in camp. The upgrade costs $225.

Complete Strauss’ “Money Lending and Other Sins” mission in Chapter 2 to access the camp upgrading ledger.

What Are the requirements to upgrade all satchels in RDR2?

Please refer below for each of the satchel upgrade requirements:

UpgradeRequirement 1Requirement 2
Tonics SatchelUnlock Leather Working Tools.Upgrade Medicine Wagon two times.
Ingredients SatchelUnlock Leather Working Tools.Donate 5 animal carcasses to Pearson.
Kit SatchelUnlock Leather Working Tools.Donate 3 Valuables via the gang ledger.
Provisions SatchelUnlock Leather Working Tools.Provisions Wagon Upgrade two times.
Materials SatchelUnlock Leather Working Tools.Craft 3 recipes at the Scout Fire
Valuables SatchelUnlock Leather Working Tools.Donate $50 via the gang ledger.
Legend of the East SatchelUnlock Leather Working Tools.Craft all the other satchel upgrades.

How do I upgrade satchels in RDR2?

Talk to Pearson, the cook in your camp, to learn more about upgrading your satchels.

  1. Meet the requirement to unlock the recipe upgrade. Find out which animal parts you need.
  2. Collect the required pelts and furs and donate them to Pearson (the cook), and then purchase the upgrade.

How many times can you upgrade each Satchel?

You can only upgrade each satchel once. Once upgraded, the satchels’ capacity increases. The final satchel, Legend of the East Satchel will increase all of your satchels’ capacity permanently.

What is the Legend of the East Satchel?

This is the ultimate satchel upgrade available in the game. This satchel greatly expands the carrying capacity for all types of items. It’s increased capacity applies to all your different satchels.

Can you upgrade your satchels on Red Dead Online?

Unfortunately, you’re not able to upgrade your satchels in RDO. Satchel upgrades are only available in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Do I need to buy satchels in RDR2?

No, they will be available once you’ve completed the prologue. There is purchase satchel option in the game, only upgrading them yourself. You won’t need currency to upgrade these satchels. Upgrades will only cost animal parts, mainly pelts and furs.

Are there specific RDR2 satchel upgrading guides?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. Click on the links below to upgrade satchels:

We recommend you to start with the Tonics Satchel upgrade, since it would be the easiest one. You can tackle on the rest of the satchels once you have acquired stronger and accurate weapons.



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