Where is the Jukebox in Control? Location and Guide

You’ve got your new powers, you’ve been taking out waves of Hiss enemies like it was nothing. And you now seek for challenge. Well, I have some good news for you. It has something to do with a Jukebox.

So, now can put your skills to the test by taking the journey to another dimension where you fight a bunch of Hiss enemies in various locations. And you must complete it before the timer runs out?

How do you get there? By using the Jukebox. Another Object of Power that is available in Control.

where to find the jukebox in control

Where is the Jukebox?

The Jukebox is located in the Central Executive office. However, you’ll need to complete a couple of missions before you can actually use the Jukebox.

How to Access the Jukebox?

There are two missions that you must complete in order to use the Jukebox. The first mission you must complete is the main story mission, My Brother’s Keeper. If you need help with that, you can check out our guide here.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll need to do 3 things in order to get access to the Jukebox.

  1. Pick up the token.
  2. Talk to Arish.
  3. Activate the mission.
  4. Head to Jukebox and put in the token.

Pick up the token. Look around you and you’ll find an object highlighed with a red triangle. Pick it up.

Jukebox token
Activate Put A Record On mission

A prompt will tell you to activate the side mission, Put A Record On. Activate it, and talk to Arish.

Talk to Arish.

You can head towards Arish, the security personnel you’ve met earlier to activate the side mission, Put a Record On. Talk to Arish and he’ll explain everything about the Jukebox, the Token and the Formation. He’s right beside the token you picked up earlier.

Head to the jukebox containment room.

Head towards the hallway that has the metal detectors. It’s hard to miss it since there’s only a few hallways away from the central area. It’s on the ground floor. Take the door on the right.

open the door to the containment room.

You’ll find a room with a door on it. Open it to access the Jukebox.

Jukebox now accessible at any time.

And there you have it. The Jukebox is now accessible. Activate it and use your Jukebox token in order to go to the Formation. Remember it takes up one token and you have 25 minutes to complete the challenges. Plan your approach wisely.

What is the Function?

The Jukebox brings you to a place called The Formation. It’s basically an offshoot dimension that has large and tall stone structures swarming with Hiss enemies. Previous expeditions were sent here to investigate the anamoly created by the Jukebox Object of Power. However, ever since the Hiss has penetrated the Oldest House, everyone in The Formation has been corrupted by the Hiss.

Tranported to The Formation.

You’ll need to go into the Formation, and you will need to complete the Expeditions by cleansing the objects scattered in the map. You will have 25 minutes on you once you’ve entered The Formation. Use a jukebox token to start an expedition. Different tiers of expeditions requires different amount of jukebox tokens. So, spend them wisely. Complete all the given tasks within the timer to get rewards.

Different tiers of difficulty of the formation.

There are 3 different Tiers when entering the formation. And of course, the higher tiers are more harder. And it takes more tokens to go to harder tiers.

  • Tier 1 – 1 Jukebox Token
  • Tier 2 – 3 Jukebox Tokens
  • Tier 3 – 5 Jukebox Tokens

But of course, you’ll need to complete Tier 1 expedition to unlock Tier 2. There’s no way to jump all the way to Tier 3 without completing the first 2 Tiers.

What are the Rewards?

Once you’ve completed an Expedition, you’ll receive various materials, mods and if you’re lucky, another Jukebox token! If you’re able to complete a Tier 3 Expedition, you’ll receive a special outfit called the Expedition Gear for Jessie.

Expedition Gear for Jesse as reward for Tier 3 completion.

Where to find more Jukebox Token?

Thankfully, it’s not that hard to come across jukebox tokens in your Control gameplay. You can find them by completing Expeditions, Board Countermeasures and Bureau Alerts. So keep an eye on those alerts and head straight to them if you can.

You can also have a chance of receiving the jukebox tokens if you manage to kill a mini boss.

Besides that, you craft more Jukebox tokens using Source resources throught the Astral Construct options. You gather Source from killing Hiss enemies and deconstructing weapons and personal mods. You’ll find the cost of making them below:

  • 1 Jukebox Token – 10,000 Source
  • 3 Jukebox Tokens – 25,000 Source
  • 5 Jukebox Tokens – 40,000 Source

What Happens If You Die in The Formation?

It can get a bit overwhelming at times trying to deal with the Hiss wave. But not to fret. You’ve spent precious Jukebox token to get there. If you die, your progress simply resets back to the entry point. The timer still goes on and does not reset though. The only way to fail the Expedition is when you’re unable to complete the given tasks within the time given.



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