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League of Legends Characters in Arcane

The new Arcane show has been making splashes across the Internet. The latest addition to the original animated shows from Netflix, Arcane is based on the popular MOBA game, League of Legends (LoL). Arcane has taken the lore and myths from League of Legends and weaved them into a magnificent show that, frankly, blew my expectations. It even rivals in terms of quality with the shows on Disney Hotstar.

Arcane jinx is the office.

Arcane brings together characters from different parts of the LoL’s lore. However, there are some alterations made in the show that contradict the established lore of the characters in LoL. Whether the Arcane plot and character development will be considered as the new canon lore is yet to be known. All the characters in the show have backstories that give us a glimpse of their lives. Although some of the characters came off as villains in the early episodes, we get to see what motivates them to do the things they do as the show goes on.

In this article, we’ll be featuring all the characters in the Arcane series that are from the game itself. Currently, Arcane has used 9 out of the 157 playable characters available in the game in the first season. And there are indications of more characters from the world of LoL to make an appearance in the next season. In the meantime, check out the characters that made their animation debut in the Arcane series!

Arcane Characters


Jinx from Arcane.
Jinx is voiced by Elle Purnell.

Jinx is one of the focal points of the Arcane series, and the show gave us a rare glimpse into her childhood. Known as Powder as a kid, we get to witness her transformation into a mentally unstable criminal mastermind known as Jinx. Being part of the world beneath Piltover, Powder is no stranger to the injustice that faces her people. However, being a kid who is so eager to be part of a tribe, she ends up making things worse and trauma from the events in the show breaks her sanity and fills her life with trauma.


Vi as portrayed in Arcane.
Vi is voiced by Hailee Steinfeld.

Vi plays the protagonist in the show. Fans of the game has long theorized that she is actually Jinx’s sister. This is confirmed in the show as Vi and Powder were sisters who lost their parents from the Zaun’s uprising. She acts as the leader of a gang of ragtag teens that are looking for their place in an unfair world. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events take place, and she loses everything and ends up in prison. However, she gets a chance and escapes with the help of Caitlyn, seeking revenge on those that have taken her family from her.


Arcane Jayce, the man of progress.
Jayce is voiced by Kevin Alejandro.

Jayce Talis is an intelligent man, even by Piltover’s standards. He was exposed to a life-altering event when he was young, showing him the wonders of magic. He has dedicated his life to the pursuit of understanding magic and to using it to build tools for the betterment of Piltover. His character is different from the lore, as he’s somewhat naive to the surrounding reality. We see him grow into a leader, despite having to make difficult decisions. He’s also known as The Man of Progress and The Defender of Tomorrow by the citizens of Piltover as his inventions brought the betterment and prosperity of the city.


Caitlyn, the best sharpshooter in Piltover.
Caitlyn is voiced by Katie Leung.

Caitlyn is born into a rich and influential family in Piltover. Her mother holds a big political position and have helped in shaping Caitlyn’s strong sense of justice since she was a child. Although she is part of the peacekeeping force of Piltover, she’s given mundane tasks that keeps her out of harms way, seeing that she comes from one of the great houses. Caitlyn is one of the characters in Arcane that stayed true with the original game lore. Caitlyn pairs up with Vi in her journey to find the true enemy and bring them to justice.


Viktor in human form.
Viktor is voiced by Harry Lloyd.

Most of the characters in the Arcane series have great stories to show us that they are real people with their own hopes and dreams. We’re given a glimpse of Viktor, also known as The Machine Herald in the game, as a regular man who struggles with a worsening health condition. He was exposed to toxic fumes as a child, taking away his health. He is a man waiting for death. Wanting to have better health so that he can live a normal life, Viktor pours all of his attention into the pursuit of Hextech technology that will eventually heal his disorder.


Ekko as the leader of the vigilantes.
Ekko is voiced by Reed Shannon.

Ekko is the latest character of the game amongst all the characters in Arcane. He does not have his signature time manipulation powers like in the game, but the show has hinted a couple of times that he’ll b. He becomes a great inventor himself, using scraps and junk to build a hoverboard and lead his band of vigilantes. We see an innocent Ekko growing up to be a great leader. We see him building a safe haven for those who would like to live a peaceful life.


Singed and his booster shot.
Singed is voiced by Brett Tucker.

Yes, the guy with a huge canister behind his back is also in the show. Although, we see him without his getup in the game. Singed seems to be somewhat of a scientist that is conducting dangerous experimentation. And without any conscious to block his desire to work on unethical science, we see him living somewhat of an outcast life. However, he’s found himself partnering up with the criminal underlord of Zaun, to help further his research.


heimerdinger in council uniform.
Heimerdinger is voiced by Mick Wingert.

Being a city of progress, Piltover builds new technology that has made it a great city of progress. Heimerdinger is known as “The Father of Piltover”. He invented new technologies that are used widely by citizens to bring them a better quality of life. Heimerdinger is absolutely against the research of hextech. He has seen firsthand the destructive nature of arcane powers in the past.


is that ryze?

A lot of people speculate the mysterious mage that appeared and saved Jayce and his mother in the past is Ryze. Although no direct reveal is given in the show, the control of runes and the general powers shown in the scene point to the mage being Ryze. We also do not see Ryze’s signature blue skin the shots of the mage. One can hope that we’ll see more of the mysterious mage and his true identity.

And that’s it! We hope to see more characters from the game making their way into the next season of Arcane. Responses for the show has been great, and we can’t wait for the next season!



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