Cleanse The Benicoff TV in Control: A Step-by-Step Guide

Control is all about those abilities that give you various powers as you traverse into the rabbit hole. As the plot thickens with more and more mysteries stacked on top of each other, you’ll come across with opportunities to cleanse objects of power, which are basically otherworldly challenges that you must complete in order for you to obtain a new power. One of the most requested guides is about how to cleanse the Benicoff TV, one of the Object Of Power in the game and, frankly, perhaps the coolest. So let’s hit get right into it.

How To Cleanse the Benicoff TV

There a few thing that’ll you need to do before you come across with the Benicoff TV. Here’s a list of things you’ll have to do before reaching the final part.


  1. Activate the My Brother’s Keeper mission.
  2. Head to the Containment Sector.
  3. Make your way to the Security area and enter the Medical Wing.
  4. Travel to the Oceanview Motel and solve the puzzle.
  5. Talk to the Panopticon Supervisor and make your way into the building.
  6. Take the Elevator to Level 4.
  7. Defeat Salvadore and activate the Astral Plane test.
  8. Complete the test and enjoy your new powers.

Activate My Brother’s Keeper Mission

There are a few things that you’ll need to clear before getting to the astral plane to start the cleansing process. The first you’ll have to do is activate the My Brother’s Keeper mission. You’ll notice that it’ll say to Find Dylan in the Containment/Panapticon sector. To do this, go to Sector elevator. This will be a storyline mission, so there’s no way you’ll miss out on this mission.

My Brother's Keeper Control Main mission to start cleanse the benicoff tv.
It’s like they don’t even care that I’m a big deal now.

Look for the signboard that says Sector Elevator. Take it to the Containment Sector. Once you’ve reached the sector, make your way to the Panopticon. Naturally, there is no direct route to your destination and, of course, expect zombies of your new colleagues to start shooting at you. Always check your map if you’re not sure where you are.

Use Pierce to clear enemies. First step towards cleansing benicoff tv.
I always hated you, Susan from HR!

Once you’re done in this section of the office, proceed the office path to a doorway to meet the next wave of resistance.

Clear more rooms in control
No more Jordan Peterson quotes from you, Gary!

Once you’ve cleared the wave, cleanse the point in this room. This will be your new save point, just like all the other points you’ve cleansed so far in the game.

Proceed to the Security/Panapticon areas by following the signboards. You’ll notice the checkpoint area in inaccessible. What you’ll need to do is go through the Medical Wing, which is located on the left side. At the bottom of the stairs, guess what? More zombified personnel trying to kill you.

Medical wing and Hiss infected personnel
Let me explain! I will now explain myself…

Once you’re done killing them, proceed through the medical wing. Destroy the two creepy pods that’s blocking the entry gate. Use your powers or your weapons to break them.

Passing through new enemies in Control
Watched enough Alien movies to know something is coming out of that.

As you make your way inside, you’ll find new type of enemy that are basically walking fungi humanoids. There’s also a new enemy type that launches projectiles at you. So be careful when you enter the bigger room to dispatch them all.

Use  Launch Scatter to fight.
Is this a crossover with The Last of Us?

Once you’re done killing everything that’s not a human, proceed to the door. Climb up the stairs. You can explore your surroundings to find loot.

Right before entering the Panopticon.
How’s it hanging everyone?

You’ll come across the office above. Head towards the middle area of the room, particularly to the control console.

Control panel to travel to Oceanview Hotel.
I’m disappointed there’s no option to mess with the announcement mic.

Press the button. A door will open, revealing the familiar Ocean View Motel light switch. It’s puzzle time! However, thankfully, it’s a simple puzzle.

Oceanview Motel Puzzle

Oceanview Motel puzzle to enter panopticon.
*insert witty quote about trauma*

Puzzle Instructions

  1. Head to the counter
  2. Ring the bell 3 times. This will open the last door on the left.
  3. Head over to the room and flip the painting in the room.
  4. Go back to the counter and hit the bell again. The first room door will open.
  5. Get into the room and grab the keys from the desk.
  6. Run back to right side of the counter, towards where you initially started in the hotel.
  7. Open the door, pull the switch and you’re done!

You have finally made it to the Panopticon. Run through the corridor and talk to the Panopticon Supervisor. You’ll be given the task to subdue the Benicoff TV Object of Power.

Panopticon entrance.
Biggest jump scares in this game are the gigantic words popping up every now and then.

Now all you have to do is rinse and repeat, defeating the common enemy waves. Expect to find different types of enemies in each waves that you’ll encounter. Beware for those that shoots missiles at you.

Fight to the 4th floor in Control.
You joined a union, you die as a union!

Once you’ve cleared the enemy wave on the bridge, head towards the end and make your way to the right towards the escalator. Take it to the 4th floor.

Fridge Duty side mission.  Not the Benicoff TV.
You drew the short straw on the wrong day, my man.

As you walk along the corridor of the fourth, you’ll hear someone crying out for help. This is quick side mission that you can do later once you’ve cleansed the Benicoff TV. I would highly recommend you to make a pit stop and get the mission in your to-do list. Once completing the mission, you’ll be awarded 3 ability points, which is quite a lot if you ask me. But you could choose to ignore it and proceed the another save points that’s ahead of the room.

Use the save point, and continue along the path until you come across with another bridge. And you know the drill, prepare for enemies. You’ll find a couple of NPCs on your side to help subdue the Hiss enemies. Clear them and proceed forward.

More combat in Control game.
Don’t mind me, I’m just styling on these fools.

Pass through the heavy shield door and through an opening and there you’ll find an old TV. That is the Object of Power, the Benicoff TV. Interact with it and prepare for the trippy visuals once you’ve activated it. Follow along the concrete slab pathway towards the challenge that awaits you.

Defeat Salvadore to Cleanse the Benicoff TV

You’ll come in a room filled with enemies and the aformentioned Head of Security, Salvadore who has been mentioned a couple times at this point of the game. The combat will not start until you jump into the room.

Salvadore mini boss fight. before cleansing Benicoff TV.
I’m not going to lie, this was satisfying.

There are a couple of ways to fight Salvadore, but I will explain the one that worked for me.

Battle Tactics Against Salvadore

  1. Always fight from cover. The key is not to get hit by Salvadore’s projectiles. Keep behind cover to avoid them. And remember to keep an eye on the cover as it will crumble from Salvadore’s attack over time.
  2. Kill off the enemies without shield first to thin out the crowd. This will also drop some health crystals on the floor that you can grab if you need them later in the game.
  3. Proceed to kill off the shielded enemy. Use a combination of Pierce and your Launch abilities to take them out quicker.
  4. Once you’ve done dealing with them, it’s time to beat up Salvadore. Everytime he prepares to launch projectiles at you, his shield goes down. This is the best time to get some damage in using your Pierce and launching debris into his face. Remember to always time your shots and throws and get back into cover.
  5. Look at the indicators that indicates where Salvadore will be launchig his projectiles.
  6. He will attempt to get closer to you, so make a round and find the next cover so you don’t get jumped.
  7. Rinse and repeat and he should be dead.

Bonus Tips

  • Use Pierce to effectively damage shielded enemies.
  • Watch out for missile launching enemies. If you time it right, you can redirect incoming missiles with Launch right at Salvadore.
  • You can complete other side missions that will grant you Seize and Shield.
  • Seize will allow you to control some enemies, and they will turn into your allies for a short period of time.
  • Shield will give you some protection if you need to grab health crystals or to reposition yourself when you’re about to get flanked.
  • You can also use Scatter, which is essentially the Shotgun form of the Service Weapon. Get close to Salvadore and unleash it. This will also break his shield, and you can do significant damage to him before needing to back off to recharge. Pierce does more damage, although you’re limited to only 2 shots before recharging.

Cleanse The Benicoff TV

Begin mission: Cleanse the Benicoff TV.
Yo, what the hell did I smoke?

Approach the Benicoff TV. You’ll be transported to the Astral Plane for your test. All you have to do is hold down on the Space bar to levitate. Tap on the space bar again to descend safely. There is still fall damage if you drop from high places. The astral test is simple. All you have to do is to levitate towards different floating platforms. You’ll also need to take out a couple of enemies as you’re levitating.

Astral Plane for levitate test after cleanse the Benicoff TV.
Well, no point staying on the ground like some peasant from this point onwards.

Once you’ve cleared the platforms and the enemies, head to the endpoint to exit the Astral Plane.

And you’re done! You now have the ability to levitate and do some awesome maneuvers against your enemies. Remember you can also use Dash while you’re levitated.



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