Sons Of The Forest: 12 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

Sons of the Forest is the successor of the Forest, a popular indie game that has its very own large following. The second game features a much more robust gameplay by introducing new game mechanics as well as infusing it with beautiful upgraded graphics. While it is an exciting survival horror game that will put you at the edge of your seats, you might get frustrated from restarting your gameplay over and over again. For a in-depth review of the first two hours of the game, check out this article.

So, here are a couple of tips, so you can avoid making mistakes to have a fairly good game session. Let’s go!

Not Looting All Containers at the Starting Area

A suitcase with one arrow. How useful.

The opening scene of Sons of the Forest can be quite exciting. But don’t get too excited to explore the land before looting everything around the crash site. Whether you crashed into the ocean or the side of the snowy mountain, make sure you’ve looted everything before leaving. Some of the items consist of rare materials that will come in handy in the later part of the game.

Not Choosing A Strategic Base Location

Should’ve paid more attention in survival class.

While it is tempting to just start building base on the first flat land you see, it’s best to consider a couple of factors before getting into building mode. Choose a location with a nearby freshwater source that could provide you with an unlimited supply of safe drinking water, fish and terrapin meat, and duck feathers. You might want to scout around your future base in case there’s any nearby mutant cannibal camps.

Not Exploring Special Points

That ominous feeling is just your sense of adventure gearing up!

Some players tend to just focus around the immediate area. The game encourages you to explore the island, so you will be able to find next-level equipment and weapons. While some players might want to play it safe, it might not work out for them in the late game stages as stronger cannibals will start attacking your base en masse. Explore caves and underground facilities whenever you’re ready. Collect modern weapons and have access to machines such as a 3D printer that you could print useful items using the collected printer resin. You might need special equipment to access some of these areas, so it’s a good thing you start exploring these places early. Check your GPS device to locate nearby points of interest.

Attacking Cannibals Early

sotf_cannibal attack
Aggresive meet-and-greet with the locals.

You might think that the game is easy in the first few days. This is what I call the grace period. It keeps the cannibal mutants from aggressively coming at you all the time. The game gives you some time to set your base up. So it’s best to not attack any of the mutants early on. There is a pesky monkey-like mutant that will try to antagonize you from time to time. Do not entertain it and continue building your base and preparing defenses. The real threat is coming soon.

Ignore Different Crafting Options

MacGyver ain’t got shit on me.

You might be content at sticking with your starter weapons, but when you’re getting mobbed by a group of mutant cannibals, you might want to rethink your options. Remember that you can craft better weapons and equipment to keep you living for longer. From better armor to better ammo, it’s always a good idea to see what is available on the crafting table. Build better spears, sturdier clubs and craft carbon fiber arrows.

Not Using The GPS Locator

GPS device is a camper dad’s natural enemy.

A great new addition to the game, the GPS Locator in the Sons of the Forest is a device that players can use to figure out their location on the island. While the GPS locator is a straightforward item that acts as the in-game map, players mostly forget to utilize the tracker. The best case for GPS trackers to leave as a way point if you’re exploring in a new area, such as a cave or a new biome. Like a trail of breadcrumb, using a GPS tracker will help you find your way back home.

Ignoring Hunger, Thirst and Stamina Meters

Who needs armor when you have friends?

Survival games are all about surviving all the different things that will try to kill you while you’re playing. You might survive the mutant cannibal attacks, but might die from poisoning or cold weather exposure. Getting hungry? The next grumble you hear might be your last. Keep an eye on the hunger, thirst and stamina meters. All of this information is available in your HUD. Your total stamina is greatly influenced by how hungry or thirsty you are. If you did not rest well, you’ll find you have limited stamina available to you.

For a quick recap:

Hunger – The level of fullness is solely determined by the quality of food. Foods such as berries will restore a small portion of hunger. Aim to consume cooked meat, which will fill you up.

Thirst – Drink fresh water from a lake or river. Consuming edible berries also helps in restoring small amount of thirst.

Stamina – This is all your available energy. From running to chopping wood, it takes up stamina. If you are hungry, dehydrated or tired, you’ll have a lower pool of available stamina. If you’re cold, a portion of your stamina will convert into a light blue color, and cannot be used. This effect will slowly increase the colder you become.

Health – This is the amount of damage that you can sustain before falling unconscious or dying. You’ll get a prompt to take medicine, which would only heal around the first segment of your health. Wait for a while to recover naturally, and take the medicine in order to receive the full effect.

Armor – There’s a total of ten segments, and each segment represents a one piece of item armor. Damage dealt to you will be absorbed by the armor. Once it’s gone, damage is dealt directly to your HP.

Strength – This is a new levelling mechanic in the game. Once the ring is filled up, the number will show to indicate your current strength level.

Ignore Collecting New Loot to Unlock Blueprints

RGB lights, distracting gamers since 2008.

Sons of the Forest is the one place where being a hoarder will benefit you greatly. Grab everything on your path, as much as you can. You might unlock a new blueprint that would come in handy. Pick up berries, herbs, and resources along the way. One of the best things that I’ve grabbed so far is pieces of aloe vera which allowed me to craft a health mix.

Not Preparing for Season Change

Oh, the weather is just weather.

Notice the leaves turning brown? Well, buckle up because winter is coming. Seasonal changes are a new feature available in this game, where winter comes and resources are hard to come by, especially food. Make sure you keep combat to a minimum, and you have enough food to last the winter. By default, winter takes 5 days in the game.

Not Setting up Defenses

I am a strong independent survivor!

You have finally put in that last piece of wall on your cabin. Life is good. Well, not for long I’m afraid. Cannibal mutants will start coming knocking on your door, and you’ll hear multiple hits on your structure soon enough. Build a defensive wall, place spikes, set traps. Build a kill zone in the form of a choke point. Get them to come through one point of the defensive wall and kill them there. Building a whole new cabin can be a tiresome process, so protect your property with the proper defensive measures in place.

Not Using Kelvin Efficiently

Listen Kelvin…oh wait..

The Sons of the Forest introduces Kelvin, your very own helper on this strange island. Use him as much as you can. Get him to collect resources whenever you need them. If there’s nothing to collect in terms of building materials, get him to catch fish or collect arrows. Keep him busy and get the most out of him. Remember, Kelvin can die. But Kelvin usually stays out of fights and entering into dangerous caves. Just don’t swing or shoot at him, or he’s gone for good.

Not Creating Ziplines

Escaping mutant cannibals with style.

If you have places to be, you wouldn’t want to waste time traversing the rough terrain like a caveman. It’s mid-game now, time to level up. Build ziplines to take you to different points on the map. Zipline from one base to another. Collect nearby sources of top of a hill and zipline back to your base. Zipline is by far the most convenient tool in the game. It cuts down on travelling time and increases efficiency in gathering resources. You might want to focus on getting your hands on it early.

Sons of the Forest is available for Windows, and can be purchased on Steam. Get your copy together with your friends and experience the fun in surviving the horror that is the Sons of the Forest today!



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