Sons of the Forest: How to fix Inventory Glitch

One of the biggest glitches that might ruin your gameplay experience is the inventory glitch.

Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that is the sequel to its initial title, The Forest. The game has garnered a large enthusiastic fan base in a matter of days!

While the game is an awesome experience, it is still an Early Access game. That means it is bound to have random bugs and glitches throughout the gameplay.

Inventory is everything in this game, and it’s where you access your entire inventory of supplies and items. You can also use it to craft new items. A glitch in that would make the game unplayable. This usually happens to the player that joins a game session instead of the host.

The inventory glitch is when the information about the items is wrong and is stuck. Instead of showing you the correct item name and the quantity, it’s stuck with a dollar amount. It also sometimes causes crafting problematic as you’ll be unable to craft anything.

However, there’s an easy fix for this.

Sons of the Forest Inventory Glitch Fix

  1. First, right-click on the SOTF’s name in your Steam game library. Go to Properties.
sons of the forest-inventory glitch fix_1

2. Select the Local Files tab on the left. Click on “Verify integrity of game files...”

sons of the forest-inventory glitch fix_2

3. Wait a moment till the process is done. Usually if you have this glitch, there will be a couple of corrupted game files.

4. Click on Verify again and repeat the process until all your files are validated.

sons of the forest glitch fix 3

And that’s it. Rejoin your host game and see if this has fixed your inventory glitch. This method usually fixes most of the glitches that you encounter in the game. Get on crafting and exploring in SOTF!

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