How to Build Stairs in Sons of the Forest

Building stairs is a symbol of you on a journey to mastering a game. And in a survival base-building game like the Sons of the Forest, having this handy structure could be the difference between life and death. Building stairs opens up a world of possibilities for you in this game, and we’ll show you how to make one.

1. Build The Frame

sons of the forest_stair building

Right-click until you see a circle. Look to the ground and when you see the circle outline, place your first log.

sons of the forest_stair building

Grab another log, look to the ground next to the first placed log, and right-click for the circle outline. You will also see a line in between the two logs, indicating the second log is aligned. It also shows the length of your actual stairs. Place them in your desired length.

2. Place Support Beams

sotf_stair building

Now we’ll be setting up the support beams. Grab another log and look at the placed log, and look at it from the front to get an arrow outline that is at an angle. Place your support beam and do the same for the other placed log.

3. Place Stairs

sons of the forest_stair placing

Now for the stairs. Go in between the support beams and right click to get the jagged outline. Your character will automatically split the log and turn them into planks and place them. If you have spare planks lying around, use them to not waste your full logs.

4. Adjust Height of Stairs

sons of the forest_stair adjust

If you’re not looking to make tall stairs, what you can do is chop off a section of the standing support beam. Go close to it with your axe until you see a red outline. Chop it off at your desired height, and do the same with the other standing beam.

You now have control of how tall you want your stairs to be! If you’re looking for quick tips and tricks to play Sons of the Forest, check this article here!

Ideas to Utilize Stairs

  • Use stairs to overcome steep cliffs.
  • Use it to get to the top of your watchtower.
  • Build it to have access to your second level of your base or roof.
  • Use stairs and a small platform as an archery platform to stay safe from zombies as you attack with your ranged weapons.
  • Use it to set a zip line network.



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