Red Dead Redemption 2: Get a Perfect Squirrel Pelt

Getting a perfect squirrel pelt can be a tricky thing to do in Red Dead Redemption 2. You’ll notice that every time you go squirrel hunting in RDR2 with guns, you’ll end up degrading the quality of the pelt, missing out on the 3-starred perfect pelt. And even with a Varmint Rifle, it’ll degrade the squirrel pelt.

Hunting squirrels RDR2

What you need are specialized arrows to hunt these tiny critters.

How to get Perfect Squirrel Pelts (And Other Small Critters)

Ammunition: Small Game Arrows

This is a specialized arrow that is meant for killing small animals in the RDR2 world. Note that it only works for animals smaller than a rabbit. So we’re talking squirrels and other small rodents. You can craft small game arrows at your camp. You’ll need a couple of things to craft these arrows. Collect materials as below:

  • Flight Feather x1
  • Arrows x1
  • Shotgun Shells – Regular x1
Crafting Small Game Arrows - RDR2

Acquiring The Materials

Flight Feather – You can collect them from birds available in Red Dead Redemption 2. Remember that this can only be collected from big bird species. So small birds or flightless birds will not yield the same type of weather. Examples of birds to harvest the flight feathers from are duck, eagle, goose, heron and many other birds. Flightless birds such as the turkey won’t be able to yield the flight feather.

hunting for birds in red dead redemption 2

Arrows – Purchase from the gun store.

Shotgun Shells – Purchase from the gun store.


Set up camp, and look for the ammunition tab. Scroll down and look for the small game arrow option. Craft as many as you want. Carry at least 10 to keep you stocked up as you go out to hunt.

And that’s it. Happy hunting!

For more tips if you’re just starting, check out this article! And if you need help in upgrading satchels, start here.



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