Red Dead Redemption 2 Beginners’ Quick Tips

Use Dead Eye For Hunting

RDR2 Dead Eye for hunting.
Bambi: “Mama?”

Hunting is an integral part of the RDR2 gaming experience. If you have a bunch of animals roaming around the map innocently, then you know you have got to start going around and blasting them off the map. The most important part that you’ll harvest from these animals are their pelts. To get perfect pelts every time, use the Dead Eye ability when you’re aiming the shot at an animal. Get the shot in the red highlighted area to ensure a quick kill and to preserve the quality of the pelt. If you’re hunting for squirrels, follow this guide to get the perfect squirrel pelts.

Loot Everything

Loot everything in red dead redemption 2.
Spending a dollar’s worth of ammo for 30 cents loot. Worth it!

I’m not going to lie, the looting animation in Red Dead Redemption 2 is such a drag. Every single time you try to loot, Arthur takes his position to pat down the dead bodies, which can be a cumbersome experience. However, you must always Loot Everything, every time. Killed a bunch of Lemoyne Raiders? Loot them. Shot a bunch of crazies in the swamps? Loot them. Found an abandoned house with a tragic backstory? Loot everything. The point here is that you’re broke, and you’re going to need every single shilling and wedding rings you come across to build a sizable amount of money. You’ll be using that money to upgrade your camp, buy better equipment and maybe treat yourself to looking all fine and dapper amidst the squad of hobos you’re usually rolling with.

Additional Tips:

  • Remember to use your mask when you’re planning a robbery.
  • Loot quickly and efficiently to avoid, and witnesses reporting you to the authority.
  • Do not loot things from stores and houses with people present in them. This will turn ugly quickly for you, and you’ll probably lose more than you’ve looted if they shot you dead.

Upgrade Camp Periodically

Upgrade the camp for more better stuff in RDR2.
It feels like you’re the only one contributing to the camp’s fund.

With the attitude of some characters in your camp, it’s hard to persuade yourself to donate any money that would also benefit the degenerates who’s also a part of the gang. However, these upgrades will benefit you the most, so you might want to consistently contribute to the camp’s fund. Open up the Ledger right beside the fund box and flip the pages to the end to the upgrade pages. Upgrade Fine Leather Tools to access upgrades for your equipment with Mr. Pearson, the cook of the gang. Take your time and don’t rush the upgrades.

Upgrade the quality of ammo, food and medication you can refill when you’re at your camp site. Restock when necessary. Remember to visit Mr. Pearson to upgrade your inventory capacity. Learn how to do it here.

Equip Weapon Every Time You Get Off Your Horse

Red Dead Redemption Quick Access menu.
Trust me, you don’t want a grizzly bear jumping you without your rifles.

The default thing that Arthur does is to store everything in his horse. And when you get off your horse, the default setting is to only have your side arms with you. This will sometimes pose a problem when you’re heading into trouble where you might need more firepower with you. Quick access your weapon menu before you dismount and equip the necessary guns to keep you company.

Equip One Rifle With A Scope

Rifle with scope in RDR2.
I did not expect to blow off his head clean with that shot.

Gun play is quite exciting in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, there’s a chance of you totally getting wiped out by a bunch of enemies if they all have a shot at you. Having a scope attachment on one of your rifles will help you immensely. Use it to thin out the herd before getting close and personal to finish off the rest of the raiders.

Unlock Fast Travel

fast travel option available through upgrade.
No more smelling like horse everytime.

Remember we talked about camp upgrades earlier? Here’s the best upgrade you’ll get. Fast travel. Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to get to your destination without the long travelling time. And the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is huge. To unlock the fast travel option, first you have to upgrade Dutch’s living quarters and you’ll see the fast travel option opening up. Upgrade that, and you now can fast travel between locations. You can access it from your sleeping quarters or your camp when you’re in the wilderness. There is a short cutscene showing Arthur getting ready for the journey, but it’s way faster than doing the travel by yourself. Best part of it all, it’s free! Suck it stagecoach.

Stock Up on Tobacco and Horse Reviver

Stock up on items in RDR2.
Who knew chewing tobacco turns you into an unstoppable killing machine?

There are some things you’ll need to have with you always on your person. We’ve covered weapons earlier, but this time you’ll be needing some tobacco. Chewing tobacco helps you fortify your Dead Eye. This is especially useful when you have a wave of enemies trying to get you.

Let’s be honest. There are some obstacles on the map that you do not expect. Sudden ditches, a rock hidden in a bush, or sometimes you accidentally rode too close to a fence and your horse decides to do a jump and then immediately crashes into another obstacle. And now your horse is dying. Keep a good stock of horse revivers with you at all times. You never know when you’re going to need it to keep your horse functional.

Use Cover Function In Combat Situation

use cover in combat.
All I did was ask him for directions.

RDR2 is a wild wild west themed game, so it’s easy to get into the heat of the moment and start blasting at everyone like it’s a western spaghetti show. The problem is one headshot, and you’re a goner. So, be more realistic with your combat approach and use cover liberally. Remember to switch between cover positions since the enemies in the game are smart enough to try to flank you or change cover to try and get you from a different angle.

Pay Bounties Whenever Possible

pay bounty at post office.
I’m sorry I ran over blind NPCs who stood in my horse’s way.

Listen, I don’t like giving my hard-earned money to the authorities as the next men. But if you want bounty hunters consistently breathing down your neck and nosing into your business constantly. Imagine if you’re in the middle of a mission and there are 5 bounty hunters in your path ahead.Safe yourself the trouble and pay the bounty up. Go to the nearest post office and clear it off. You don’t want to finally get your legendary animal pelt only for you to get jumped and get shot in the head, losing both the perfect pelt and some of your money.

Horsing Around With Your Horse

Horse care.

The horse is the single most important creature in the great wild. It is your main mode of transportation and to store some of your equipment. You can unlock new horse maneuvers with a higher level of Horse Bonding. The more you’ve bonded with your horse, the more maneuvers that you can perform with it. From making quick stops and sharp turns to trotting left and right. So remember to feed your horse, brush it and pat it. Do all of these before you get on your horse, and you’ll improve your Horse Bonding level, unlocking these extra features.

Don’t Rush and Take It All In

Red Dead Redemption 2 beautiful world.
Brooding, cowboy style.

Red Dead Redemption 2, is an experience. There’s no other way to put it. The game is designed to portray a high degree of realism. While doing the missions can be fun and might push you to rush to complete it, remember to just take it all in. The beautiful sunrise. The stoic experience of camping in the wild and cooking food. Watch the NPCs in a town interacting with each other and living their lives. The point of RDR2 is to experience a slice of Americana history.



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