Valheim Guide: How to Build Chimney & Vent Smoke

Greetings again, Viking! I see that you’ve been busy decimating the natural resources to build your new keep. Well done! Unfortunately, you’ve been having trouble in keeping yourself warm indoors without suffocating yourself from the smoke produced from the campfire. You need to vent out the smoke!

Lucky for you, it’s a simple fix. Thankfully, Valheim’s building mechanics are pretty helpful when you’re trying to cobble up a structure together and make it work. To vent out smoke from indoors, you’re going to need a good ol’ chimney. This guide will not only teach you how to vent smoke, but to build a grade-A chimney that will withstand the elements outside your homestead.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Smoke travels upward in Valheim.
  2. The chimney exit must be on top of the campfire to vent the smoke, instead of left or right openings.
  3. Bonus tip: Even before building a campfire, you can check the direction of the potential smoke right before you build the campfire.
smoke direction of campfires in valheim
You can look at the stream of dots to determine the direction of the smoke.

Building A Chimney in Valheim to Vent Smoke

  1. Visualize a vertical rectangle, that will vent the smoke upwards and outwards.
  2. Build a section of a roof at the top to act as a chimney cover. That roof piece will keep your fire from going out and only smoke leaves the opening.
  3. You’ll find an example of building a chimney for a new basic house below.
How to vent smoke in valheim step 1
Let’s keep it simple and build a basic house.
How to vent smoke in valheim step 2
Leave a section of the roof exposed to build the chimney.
How to vent smoke in valheim step 3
Build a rectangle upwards.
How to vent smoke in valheim step 4
Finish it with a slanted roof piece to protect the fire.
How to vent smoke in valheim step 5
And there you have it. You can clearly see the smoke being vented out.

Lazy Builder? No Problem!

Another way to keep yourself warm during cold nights without going through the hassle of building a chimney so you don’t suffocated in your sleep is simply building a campfire right outside your place.

simple method to keep warm in valheim
Warm toasty fire that doesn’t try to kill you with its smoke.
  1. Place your bed near a wall of your structure. If it’s in middle of your house, it’s not going to work.
  2. Build a campfire right outside those wallls. You can also build a small cover, like you do for your workbench. This is so it doesn’t go out when it rains outside.

And that’s about if about venting smoke out of your structures in Valheim. All you need is a bit of practice, and you’ll start building complex ventilation systems for your future Great Hall. Or maybe you’re not that much of a builder, you can keep yourself warm the easy way. Here’s how we vent smoke in our gameplay:

complex ways to vent smoke in valheim
This bad boy vents smoke faster than the fire can produce any.
complex ways to vent smoke in valheim
When your gigantic chimney has a roof of its own.

Good luck, Vikings!



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