Disney+ Hotstar Is Here: Interesting Shows to Watch

Disney+ Hotstar Available Now In Malaysia

Disney+ Hotstar has finally landed in Malaysia. So now you know why you’ve been bombarded with ads about Disney+ Hotstar on every site or app that you’ve visited recently. Aside from a really dorky name, this marks the official availability of Disney+ in Malaysia. When it comes to Disney, there are probably 2 things that pop into your head. Disney princesses and Marvel? Oh, and Star Wars. So that’s 3 things.

But is there anything else to watch on Disney+ Hotstar aside from animated movies and reruns of blockbuster franchises? In this article, I’ll be listing down shows you can check out when you get a Disney+ Hotstar subscription. You might want to get it now because it’s currently running at a promotion price. You get charged MYR 55 for a 3-month subscription. That’s pretty cheap! The shows in this list are based on what I think is interesting and would be a great experience for you. I’m sorry if I have not included your favorite show. But hey, let me know in the comments if you think there’s a show that I’ve missed out on. Anyways, let’s get moving!


futurama logo

This show is has a special place in my heart. Futurama was the first show that exposed me to American pop culture. However, Futurama focuses more on sci-fi tropes and popular science matters. These are combined with hilarious situations that arise from time to time. If you haven’t guessed it already, the show is conceived by Matt Groening. You would probably seen his name a bunch of times from The Simpsons. He intended for the show to be an esoteric experience compared to the far broader humor found in The Simpsons. However, Futurama found a dedicated cult following throughout the years, reviving the franchise from cancellation again and again.

Try giving it a shot and you’ll notice jokes made in 1999 might ring a bell today. Matt Groening and his long-time collaborator, David X. Cohen have been nailing the whole predicting the future with a high degree of accuracy so many times. So, try catching one of those when you’re watching Futurama.

Futurama is quirky, unapologetically unique, and triggers a range of emotions throughout the 7 seasons. Although it has way fewer episodes compared to The Simpsons, Futurama has definitely left a mark in our collective minds. Thanks, Disney+ for the trip down memory lane!

futurama opening
After getting canceled a couple of times, Futurama learned to not give a fuck to hold back their creativity.


atlanta by fx
Paper boi, paper boi…

There’s something unique about Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino when I first was introduced to him in the show, Community. He wasn’t just an actor turned comedian who then turned into a rap megastar. He is an artiste. An artist who’s not confined by the definition of any one genre. In fact, I would consider Atlanta as one of the most interesting projects that he’s created.

Atlanta showcases Donald Glover’s eccentric brand of humor which blends in comedy with real-life situations. In fact, Donald Glover surmised it perfectly so you can get a better picture of what the show is about.

Twin Peaks with rappers.

donald glover in Atlanta the show
You’ll also notice how everyone

From surreal and quirky situations to addressing socioeconomic facts about a disenfranchised community, Atlanta will deliver a roller coaster experience to anyone who watches it. The show does not shy away from awkward but realistic situations that people in the real world would probably not address from the fear of having to confront the aftermath. Atlanta sometimes acts as a megaphone on how we accept certain social norms even though it’s pretty weird, especially when it comes to things around celebrities and clout chasing. I still get nightmares from the Teddy Perkins episode.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

it's always sunny in philadeplhia
At least they’re keeping real.

Within the whirlpool of madness, you can find comedic relief. Disgusting behavior combined with crazy characters will meld together to form an outrageously offensive yet funny style of comedy. And that my friends, comes in the form of a show called, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. IASIP, as the hardcore fans call it (or maybe the show’s name is too long) features a group of misfits aptly referenced as “The Gang” who runs an unsuccessful bar together in South Philadelphia.

Unlike your usual TV tropes, IASIP features a bunch of people who have strayed far from any notion of morality or decency. Every episode usually involves a scheme that ends up backfiring spectacularly. Not only that, you’ll find the gang manipulating, lying, and inflict physical and mental pain against each other.

Although they’re portrayed in a very negative, the show’s writing and dialogues come through and tie the negative traits into an enjoyable episode of just a bunch of idiots trying to one-up each other or the people around them. While other comedy-drama shows oftentimes take their characters with bad behavior somehow ends up with them mending their ways, for the sake of character development. Most of this sudden change are usually lazily and involves weak motivation making it unreal. Characters in IASIP never change. And while other feel-good shows with the need to “turn” their character into someone positive towards the end, The Gang absolutely doubles down on what makes them grade-A A-holes in the first place.

frank reynolds offering egg in these trying times
An egg when I’m bleeding out of every orifice? Thanks, Frank!

Also, you’ll find Danny Devito surprisingly flourishing in the show as a character that is now an icon to everyone who watches IASIP. But don’t be deceived by his harmless demeanor and stature. The man is a diabolical schemer, just like everyone in the show. Give it at least 5 episodes before deciding whether the show is for you or not. Fun fact, the pilot of the show was only made for $300. So you know the writing and lines have substance!

The Walking Dead

the walking dead poster
If you notice, one is not the same species as the rest….wtf.

Now, I’m all zombied out. For the last 6 years or so, the zombie genre has been milked dry, and frankly, I could see the entire plot coming from a mile away. Although recent zombie movies have had fresh premises to revive the otherwise stale genre, we mustn’t forget the original show that cranked the motor of the zombie genre’s revival. We’re talking about The Walking Dead here, ladies and gentlemen.

The Walking Dead is one of the first few shows that I believe explored the complexity of society during a zombie apocalypse. A lot of movies skip through it and focuses more on the gore and action portion. The strong point of The Walking Dead is the character development, as well as the exploration of the human condition. Zombies aren’t the only threat. Remember Negan? Boy oh boy, he makes the zombies look like the lesser monster in the show.

The Walking Dead The Telltale Series
Thank you for all the traumatic memories…

The Walking Dead is based on a comic written by Robert Kirkman. The comic also inspired the game with the same name. The game heavily features on rather than finding ammo to fend yourself against the zombie hordes, you have to make difficult choices that will leave a mark on your character as well as every other NPC. The Walking Dead show will definitely bring you for a ride in the eyes of Rick Grimes. The show will then expand and explore different perspectives from other well-developed characters in the show. A development that you will not want to miss! If you’re still into the zombie genre, you check out other zombie shows on Disney+.

Fresh Off The Boat

fresh off the boat poster
Joyful father, serious mother…describes 90% of Asian families out there.

Hey, I get it. Life is a bit harder now. And real human connections ain’t something that comes by easily now, especially when touching a stranger might kill you. And you’re Asian. You’re going to need something that hits closer to home. No no, a Disney family isn’t going to cut it. Fresh Off The Boat will definitely tickle your funny bone occasionally, tug on your heartstrings. The show revolves around a Taiwanese-American family known as the Huangs who’ve moved from Washington to Florida when Louis Huang the father in the family bought a steakhouse and decided to run it. The show is based on Eddie Huang’s memoir and he served as the narrator in season 1. We’re talking about the 1990s, so minorities’ relationship with the general population wasn’t really as established as it is now.

fresh off the boat the Huangs
“You know no matter what you say, your mom is still going to whoop your ass?”

Fresh Off The Boat features hilarious situations where the family deals with the American way of doing this which can sometimes be too foreign for an Asian family. You’ll find the kids trying to fit in with the rest of the kids at school, while the parents have their own shenanigans with different people from different parts of their life. It’s heartwarming to watch a family embrace an entirely different culture while preserving positive values held high by their own culture. Shows like these make me feel warm in my heart.

Nat Geo Documentaries

Nat Geo Disney+ Hotstar
Honestly, the most iconic brand in my lifetime.

You’ll notice that I didn’t specify what documentary from Nat Geo. Well, that’s because I’m asking you to watch everything they have, home slice. There’s no such thing as too many documentaries. And Disney+ has a bunch of interesting ones. We’re living in a world where history and truth are twisted to fit a certain agenda. Be it a political one or even a social movement, history as we know it is slowly been forgotten and adjusted to fit in a new narrative.

Nat Geo documentaries focus on various topics. From nature, space, and even history. Future generations must remember that our planet Earth is a living breathing organism that runs on a system of balance and checks. If we let greedy corporations exploit mother earth for a quick buck, there will be no place for our species to thrive. Yeah sure, we have plans for Mars. But let’s preserve that as a dream project, not our desperate escape destination.

Nat Geo on Disney+ Hotstar
If you want to sound smart at parties, this is how you do it.

I’ve been watching Nat Geo since I was a kid, and I’ve never stopped watching it since. I believe Nat Geo has a superb catalog on Disney+ Hotstar that can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter the age. Sit with your family and loved ones and bask in the magnificence of our planet. Or live through a time in our history and remember things that matter.


Lost show poster
For a show called Lost, they keep finding new people as the series goes along.

Now, I know a lot of people out there would hunt me down for including this show in the article. Yes, the show gets a bit convoluted and messy towards the end. However, you must remember that Lost started off as the hottest show at the time which featured a nail-biting story. Lost probably jumpstarted J.J Abrams’ to a whole new level preceding his success from his previous show, Alias.

Lost tells us the story of a passenger plane crash landing on what seemed to be an inhabited island in the middle of the ocean. And while the survivors are scrambling to get out of the immediate danger of the burning pile of what used to be their mode of transportation, the island starts waking up. A bellowing sound that sounds like a horn but has characteristics of a giant creature vibrates the warm air, sending shivers down your spine.

Lost full cast
Yes, let’s go investigate the noise from the jungle. Also, how big is the damn island?

Lost features a very unique soundtrack to accompany its very unique storytelling. You’ll find it inspiring at times, or just setting the mood before one of the main characters gets into trouble. Along the way, we’re introduced to new intriguing elements such as Dharma Insitute and “The Others”. All in all, Lost hit the ground running but it slowly ran out of gas in terms of story resolution as it gets more and more muddled towards the end. It’s like me unable to decided what games to buy during the Steam sale (happening now, by the way).

What Are You Waiting For?

With Disney+ Hotstar finally being available here, Malaysians can finally join in the hype with the rest of the world and enjoy quality new content from Disney’s depository of blockbuster franchises. And while you’re waiting for new episodes of Loki, you can check out the shows above. Get your money’s worth! Get it today!



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