The Best Original Netflix Series To Binge-watch Today

Like it or not, streaming platforms are here to stay. And what these platforms do is to provide audiences around the world a plethora of shows and movies to be enjoyed by everyone. And in recent years, they’ve begun to produce shows that are original and somewhat of a niche genre, something big networks would […]

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League of Legends Characters in Arcane

The new Arcane show has been making splashes across the Internet. The latest addition to the original animated shows from Netflix, Arcane is based on the popular MOBA game, League of Legends (LoL). Arcane has taken the lore and myths from League of Legends and weaved them into a magnificent show that, frankly, blew my […]

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Archive 81 Review: A Balanced Take on the Cosmic Horror Genre

Netflix has always been a hit or miss for me in terms of its homegrown series and movies. They’re notorious for ruining anime adaptations, especially the live-action ones. However, when Netflix hits the mark, it takes you on a binging journey of well-paced story telling and a slow descent into the madness that is the […]