God of War Available on PC via PlayStation Now

God of What?

Setting aside the platform wars, we’re all gamers and we enjoy great games. That’s the one thing we can agree on being either on the console or PC side of the debate.

Launched in 2018, God of War is known to be the crown jewel of the PS4, which also has revitalized the stale God of War franchise that has seen a steady decline over the years.

God of War has proven to tick off all the checkboxes that mark the making of a great game. From story to progression and let’s not forget the action-packed game mechanics, God of War got all of it right. And let’s not forget how this game shocked a lot of us at the time for not having any loading screens in between levels. For a massive game with a high level of in-game details, it’s virtually unheard of.

God of War primarily revolves around Kratos, a Spartan with an affinity for killing the Greek pantheon. Motivated by the thirst for revenge, he seeks and destroys anyone and in some cases, anything that comes between him and his vengeance. Throughout the early 3-part franchise, it’s all about climbing out of the abyss and making a bloody mess, leaving a trail of bodies and destruction in his wake. However, the old hack and slash, punching Zeus’s bloodied corpse started getting stale and only highlights Kratos as a psychopathic brute.

The hard turn taken by the latest God of War shocked fans and critics alike. Not only Kratos is portrayed as an older man, he occasionally shows his vulnerable side, triggered by his son, Atreus. And we start seeing the traumatized of a father and husband who had endured being the plaything of the Greek gods in his past life. A life that he’s sworn to never take. Until the gods of Valhalla starts stirring shit in his life. Right outside his house after he came back from his deceased wife’s funeral, mind you! No wonder he goes on a murderous rampage.

While the PC community gritted their teeth with bouts of jealousy ( I was one of them, too), we’re finally seeing a glimpse of light in the neverending field of development void, also known as cross-platform. Sure, give us your shitty games that didn’t sell as part of your cross-platform offerings.

PlayStation Now App on PC

Technically, you won’t be getting a copy of the game, in a traditional sense like how you purchase games on Steam. What you can do is subscribe to Sony’s PlayStation Now service, which is a game streaming service that you could purchase and play exclusive PlayStation titles, as well as other available games in the PlayStation Now catalogue.

Sure, you won’t be owning your own copy of the game for PC, but you’ll at least get to experience the game to its fullest on your PC. For those of you that are confused about how you actually get to play the game, PlayStation Now is a game streaming service, kind of like Stadia. You purchase access to the service, and all you need is a good internet connection, and voila! You’re set to traverse Midgard and the 9 realms. Think of it as the Netflix of games. You see a game you want, you click play, and you immediately can play it on your system, without worrying about whether your system would be able to handle it.

To play God of War you’ll need to get the PlayStation Now for PC app, create or sign in with a PSN account and you’re set. PlayStation Now offers a seven-day free trial, and if you decide to continue using the service after trial, it’s $8.99 for a month’s access. But I’m sure you could blow past the second playthrough within a week! According to Sony, you’ll need a DualShock 4 but other third-party pads do work with the service, with the obvious caveat that you won’t be able to use touchscreen functionality, which probably isn’t a big deal since touchscreen functionality isn’t necessary to play the game. Find out more from their official website here.

So, if you’re a big God of War fan, check out the PlayStation Now app and play God of War on PC today! Let us know your experience in the comments below!



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