Xbox PC Game Pass Officially Available in Malaysia

Rejoice my fellow Malaysians! Microsoft has announced that the Xbox PC Game Pass is now officially available in Malaysia. The announcement followed after less than a month of their trial run in the Malaysian market. The current monthly service fee is set at RM15 per month, which follows the same price point during the trial period.

Xbox PC Game Pass Malaysia
Xbox PC Game Pass Malaysia.

The Xbox PC Game Pass Malaysia is only RM15 a month! For the same price as Spotify premium, you can now have access to the Xbox PC Game Pass library of games. And with the official launch of the service in Malaysia comes a special price for new subscribers! If you’re a new user, you get to enjoy the pass for only RM5 to access the service. This offer is set for the first 3 months before reverting to the original price of RM15. If you’ve joined the initial trial, unfortunately the offer will not apply for you.

Xbox PC Game Pass Game Library

The Xbox PC Game Pass was first introduced in 2019, where it provides gamers access to more than 100 PC games with a single fixed monthly fee. The game pass also crosslinked to EA Play service, giving gamers access to titles from EA.

Xbox PC Game Pass library
Xbox PC Game Pass game library.

Some titles you can enjoy from this pass include but not limited to, the Age of Empires, Battlefield, Mass Effect and Halo franchises, to name a few. We’ll cover what games to play with the Xbox PC Game pass in another article soon!

How to Get The Xbox App on Your PC

Xbox App
Xbox app on Microsoft Store.

Once you’ve purchased the Xbox PC Game Pass on the official Xbox website, download Xbox App on your PC. You can either download it from the same website you’ve purchased the game pass, or search it in the Microsoft Store.

Login into your Microsoft account on the Xbox App. Once you’ve logged in, you have access to game library! Search for the games you want to play and start downloading them to your machine. Once downloaded, you can start playing them. EA game titles might need you to install a separate launcher to download and launch them.



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