Dota Stockholm Major 2022 is Coming Up!

dota 2  major event 2022

Every year, we get to see Dota teams around the world battle it out in Minor and Major events to earn enough DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) points. Once a team has enough points, they’ll receive a direct invitation to the biggest tournament, perhaps in the E-Sports space, The International.

Currently, teams around the world are battling to receive a spot in the upcoming Stockholm Major, a big event that gives out points as well as lucrative cash prizes. Making into the Major event in Dota is a big deal for Dota teams as these events also provide a good number of DPC points should the team get a placement in the tournament. The total cash prize offered this time around is $500,000, where the first place spot will receive $200,000 and a total of 680 DPC points. If you want further details on the breakdown of the prize money as well as the DPC points, check out the official ESL One site here.

Who’s Attending the Dota Stockholm Major 2022?

Dota Stockholm Major 2022
Image credit to ESL Gaming GmbH.

Each region is given a certain number of slots that teams can grab if they perform well during the DPC season. Each team has to battle it out in their own region and rack up wins in order to qualify for the upcoming Major.

This will also be the first crowd event in 2 years due to the pandemic. We’ll also get to see the second LAN event this where players will be competing live at the venue, and this time surrounded with spectators.

The teams from the CIS region are unfortunately in a state of uncertainty due to the geopolitical climate at the moment. This might pose a challenge for team members from that region to obtain visas to travel to the venue should they be able to qualify for this Major. Valve have imposed certain conditions to be met by all the teams in the CIS region, however we’ve no heard or seen any Dota games coming out of that region. The participation of CIS teams in the upcoming Major tournament is still unclear.

Confirmed Teams in the Dota 2 Major

As of now, here’s the current teams that have already booked their slots to the Stockholm Major.

Dota Major slots
Image credit to ESL Gaming GmbH.

There are still games running as of now in regions aside from Western Europe. Besides, a couple of teams will now go into an additional tie-breaker games to ultimately secure their slot in the Major. So, huge important games across the board which could either be an exciting match or a very calculated, methodically boring match. Either way, it’s exciting to see these final teams putting all they have into these matches in order to secure a slot into the Major.

When is the Stockholm Major 2022?

The Stockholm Major will take place between 20 – 22 May 2022. So, mark it on your calendars because it’s going to be a weekend filled with exciting Dota 2 matches. This will be the second instance where teams from different regions finally meet up and go head-to-head, bringing strategies and skills developed uniquely in their own region. There’s the aggressive push, bizarre drafts, god-like individual skills, strong team fights and many more exciting moments to be had.

So don’t miss out on the upcoming Major! If you’re interested in watching the games that are still going on, check them out live on Twitch:

Beyond The Summit Twitch Channel (SEA)

Dream League Twitch Channel (WEU)

ESL One (NA)

PWRDeSports Twitch Channel (CN)

Or if you would like a condensed versions of the the games, there’s a bunch of Youtube channels you could check out. Here’s a few:


DotA Digest




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