The Best Original Netflix Series To Binge-watch Today

Like it or not, streaming platforms are here to stay. And what these platforms do is to provide audiences around the world a plethora of shows and movies to be enjoyed by everyone. And in recent years, they’ve begun to produce shows that are original and somewhat of a niche genre, something big networks would never ever touch with a ten-foot pole. Netflix, one of the earliest streaming platforms, has adopted this strategy and produced a bunch of unique content that has made stellar entrances into the entertainment industry. From producing comedy specials, (mostly terrible) anime, documentaries, movies and TV shows, they’ve produced a definite list of Must-See shows in their catalog. So with that, here are some of the best shows produced by Netflix that I would like to recommend to all of you to go and check out, today! 

1. Ozark

Genre: Crime drama · Thriller

There’s a trend where actors from popular comedy shows transition to a more serious role down their career. Jason Bateman made his transition through Ozark, a hit series on the streaming platform. Marty Bryde, a financial advisor who’s made bad dealings with the Mexican drug cartel. He ends up moving with his family to Lake of the Ozarks region in Missouri with a plan to launder money for the cartel through the summer resort community’s casino. And throughout the series, we get to see Marty navigate the highly dangerous criminal underworld and tries to protect his family. There’s something enthralling about watching regular people get pushed into turning into high profile criminals, which can be an entertaining premise. And the formula has yet to fail so far.

2. Mindhunter

Genre: Crime drama · Psychological thriller

Did you know that the trend of serial killing started off in the late 60s? Mindhunter delves into this disturbing event as we uncover the catalyst in what is known as the era of moral decay in America. We follow the journey of the hostage negotiator for the FBI, Holden Ford, and his veteran FBI partner, Bill Tench. To catch them, you must first understand why they do what they do. Together, they go deep into the dark rabbit hole that is the mind of a serial killer. And let me tell you, it gets really dark. The show refers to a lot of real life serial killer cases, which explains a feeling of unexplained uneasiness every time the episode ends. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have a weak stomach.

3. Stranger Things

Genre: Horror · Horror fiction · Thriller · Drama · Supernatural · Mystery · Historical drama

Like it or not, Stranger Things revived the nostalgic era of the 80s. Set in the small town of Hawkins, Montana, a child goes missing that sets off a domino effect that uncovers a bigger secret. It involves the government (of course), a transdimensional being, a strange girl with psychic powers, and a bunch of kids. Sounds like a Disney coming of age movie. With a huge budget. And there is something for the adults too if you get a little annoyed with the angsty interactions of prepubescent characters. We have the town Sheriff, who starts busting out his detective skills to uncover the mystery that surrounds his town. There are a couple of stories being told simultaneously where it all leads back to the same final destination. A great ride for those who yearn for the good old 80s, and a fight for the fate of the world.

4. BoJack Horseman

Genre: Animation · Comedy drama · Tragicomedy · Black comedy · Surreal humor · Psychological drama · Satire

There’s a reason why Netflix keeps funding terrible adult comedy animation. It is to simulate the success of BoJack Horseman. Intelligent, witty and emotionally crushing are the words normally used by viewers of this show. And let’s not forget the great tongue twisters peppered throughout the 6 great seasons of the show. It’s weird, gross and most of all, it’s dumb. The show follows BoJack Horseman, a washed-up 90s sitcom actor who’s planning a comeback with a memoir written about him. Despite its humor, the show tackles heavy themes such as mental health, trauma, and the search for meaning and happiness. With its talented voice cast, sharp writing, and thought-provoking storytelling, BoJack Horseman has become one of the most acclaimed animated series of recent times, offering a unique and insightful commentary on modern society and the human condition. BoJack Horseman is out there right now seated on the throne of adult comedy animation saying, “Wazzup bitches?!”

5. Squid Game

Genre: Survival · Thriller · Horror · Drama · Action

What if you find yourself in a shitty life, with a ton of debt? And all you wished for is to have one miracle that would help you get rid of all of these mounting debts, so you can live the life that you truly wanted with the people you love. Well, Squid Game telethon is just the right place to go get that miracle. All you need to do is gamble your life! It involves participating in a bunch of bizarre challenges that are based on classic children’s games in Korea. But hey, money is money. We get to see what motivates each of the participants, and how they fair in the games. Little did they know, their misery of trying to survive to the end has been entertainment to a mysterious group of rich guests. Squid Game’s takes the opportunity to use the show and address some of the very real issues that plague South Korea today. Rise of debt in society, disparity between wealth classes and overall decay of moral values.

6. After Life

Genre: Dark comedy · Drama

Death is a hard topic to come face to face in real life. So, enter Ricky Gervais’ hit show on Netflix, After Life. The show revolves around Tony, who recently lost his wife to cancer. As a result, he decided to live his life with reckless abandon, saying and doing whatever he wanted without caring about the consequences. However, as he begins to form relationships with the people in his town and connect with others who are going through similar struggles. Tony begins to see that his actions are hurting the people who care about him, and that his negative behavior is only perpetuating his grief and loneliness. This comedy-drama has witty-writing that explores the human experience such as dealing with loss, grief and relationships. The abrasive humor also addresses certain unwritten social rules which don’t make sense. For a topic that is hard to deal with, Ricky Gervais managed to find a way to make a show that is humorous but at the same time, heartfelt.

7. Narcos

Genre: Crime · Biographical · Drama

You’ve probably heard of the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar by now, unless you’re living under a rock. He’s the big baddie that the US had been targeting for years due to his role in importing massive amounts of cocaine globally. He gained notoriety for his use of brutal tactics, which include murder and terrorism. Narcos delves into the dark side of the Columbian drug cartel and the man turned saint, Pablo Escobar. We get a deep dive into the Medelin Cartel inner workings, and how the DEA together with the Colombian government joined forces to take out the biggest drug lord of modern times. Crime, corruption and pockets of human moments is what makes Narcos a great show to be watched. And hey, Pedro Pascal is in the show!

8. Inside Job

Genre: Adult animation · Animated sitcom · Office humor

A good adult animation is hard to come by. It all depends on the writing and honestly, a lot of shows on Netflix under this genre are pretty terrible. However, what if a show just bunched up all the conspiracy theory that exists today into actual facts that are schemes perpetrated by a company in order to control the world based on a Shadow Government’s agenda? Well, you get Inside Job. Inside Job is an adult-comedy animation about an intelligent but borderline psychotic scientist who works for Incognito Inc, a company that is the puppet master that controls the major events and its outcomes around the world. From installing a robot president to covering up the existence of Hollow Earth, the show is a fun ride, poking fun at conspiracy theories, pop culture references and making fun of Flat-Earthers. It’s a fun show if you’re looking to unwind from the shit storm that is the real world today.

9. The Umbrella Academy

Genre: Action · Drama · Science fantasy · Superhero

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this show is that superhero parents are the worst. Umbrella Academy is about a group of children that were born on the same day of the same year, possessing superpowers who are adopted by a shady wealthy man who intends to build the first superhero group that will save the world. But unlike you normal superhero shows, the world never ended. Well at least not the way anyone expected. The siblings who hate their family unit decided to split. Some of them leave to start their own lives, one was put on the Moon to watch the Earth and another got stuck in the future for 40 years before getting recruited by a multidimensional organization that monitors the time stream. Yes, the premise of this show is pretty wild. Oh, did I mention that their adoptive father is an alien from another world? Guess parenting isn’t a normal trait for aliens. 

10. Dark

Genre: Science fiction · Thriller · Mystery · Crime Drama 

One thing Netflix got right is that it exposed us to more shows from different parts of the world. Too long have the TV screen been dominated by shows produced in US for English speakers. And Dark was probably the first German show that I’ve watched on the platform. The show explores the disappearance of two children from a small town in Germany and the impact it has on the town’s residents and their families. The show is a complex and intricately woven web of multiple generations, timelines, and parallel universes, making it a thrilling and mind-bending journey. Listen, it gets very complicated to understand the show since it involves parallel universes and time travel. But the show managed to enthrall the audience till the end. And there will be multiple rewatches to really understand what actually happened. The story, music, the colors and the dialogues are immaculate, which makes it a treat to rewatch it again and again as you’re trying to comprehend how things work in the show.

11. 1899

Genre: Mystery · Horror fiction · Historical drama · Supernatural fiction

When the trailer first dropped, everybody, including myself, thought that this would be a show about the horrors of the deep ocean. The triangle motive kept screaming at us at all times. Must be Bermuda Triangle. But after sitting through the first few episodes, you’ll realize that this isn’t about the rise of Chtulu, enthralling everyone aboard the vessel. It’s about….well…the show is pretty new, so I’m going to spare the spoiler for this one. But, the journey throughout 1899 is a rewarding one. We get to explore the rich storytelling and character histories of probably the most diverse group of characters in a show. Though it does feel like it felt short in covering all of them adequately, the show makes it up by setting the pace towards the main plot. From the makers of Dark, you can bet that watching this show will be a trip with mind-blowing set pieces. So that’s the first clue. And no, it’s not about time travel.

12. Archive 81

Genre: Mystery · Analog horror · Supernatural fiction · Drama

Found footage horror has been done to death as a standalone genre. But what if it’s a part of the entire show? Sinister has done it, and it was a horrifying experience, though the entity itself is somewhat laughable. Archive 81 follows the story of a young man named Dan Powell as he works on archiving a series of mysterious tapes. As he listens to the tapes, he begins to uncover a dark and supernatural world filled with secrets and danger. The tense atmosphere and intriguing storyline will keep your eyes glued to screen as you binge through the entire season. The show also uses Lovecraftian elements into its brand of horror, so if you’re into cosmic horror, this is a great show to check out. The show is based on a 2018 podcast with the same name, which you could also try it out. For a full review of Archive 81, check out this article.

13. The Witcher

Genre: Adventure · Fantasy · Drama · Adventure fiction · Action fiction

I absolutely loved the Witcher franchise. From its rich source material of books to the immersive experience of the games. And when the hardcore PC nerd named Henry Cahill plays the titular character, Geralt of Rivia, the world rejoiced. We are saved! Witcher sets in a dark fantasy world where different species of creatures have all converged into one plane of existence, co-existing with other residences of that world. And with that, conflict starts as these creatures from darker realms start wreaking havoc in the human world. Enter the Witchers, the exterminators that are bred to be stronger, faster and smarter than your average Middle Age era human. There are wizards, folklore monsters

14. Midnight Mass

Genre: Drama · Supernatural · Horror

Slow burn shows can be a bit of a bore-fest, especially when it’s in the horror genre. But the people who came up with Haunting at Hill House figured out the formula of producing a true horror experience mixed in with deep character development with an unrushed and focused camera lens on each of the shows’ characters. The show starts by focusing on a young man who returns to a rather isolated hometown on Crockett island, looking for a fresh start after serving four years in prison for a drunk-driving incident. At the same time, a young charismatic priest arrives at the island, who starts reviving the town’s faith with miracles and his enigmatic presence. Well, like everything too good to be true, there is a darker side to these deeds which will catch you by surprise. And if you grew up in a small town, this is going to hit you hard.

And there you have it. Check out these recommended shows and start binging. Let me know in the comments what do you think about these shows! If you have any other reccomendations that you think people must absolutely watch, put it in the comments too!



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