15 Best Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

Spooktober is here, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time for a horror movie marathon! Horror movies have evolved over decades and reinvented itself many times to keep dishing out its intended effect. We now have sub genres under the horror movie category with great hits coming along over the years. In this […]


Old Video Games Worth Revisiting in 2023

Are you bored with recent newer game titles? I can’t blame you. The number of terrible video games launched this year is astounding. Triple-A titles released thoroughly undercooked, but with the same $70 price tags is absolutely ridiculous. We even get studios putting up a sorry note right before you start playing the new Gollum […]


7 Most Iconic Hallway Action Scenes Ever

If you’re into action flicks, then you know the iconic hallway action scene. The one versus many. The odds stacked against the protagonist. This would turn out to be one of the best action tropes to come up in recent movie history as it depicts a much more realistic fight choreography. No more fast cuts, […]


10 Awesome Metroidvania Games on Steam in 2024

If you play video games, you’ve probably heard of the term “metroidvania” before. It refers to a specific genre of games that typically feature interconnected, non-linear levels, exploration, and a focus on unlocking new abilities to progress further. The name Metroidvania came up by combining the first games that built this particular genre, Metroid and […]


10 Best Movies From the 90s To Rewatch Today

The roaring 90s was the perfect time for moviegoers. CGI is on the rise, and various topics and genres are melded together to give us unique movie experiences. While movies today focus more on realism, movies from the 90s focused more on giving out a wholesome experience. These movies provide an escapism that a lot […]


The 10 Great Roguelite Games on Steam

Have you heard of roguelite? No, it’s different from roguelike, but it’s sort of the easier version of the genre. If you’re looking roguelike games, check this article out. A roguelite is a genre of video games that incorporates elements from both roguelike games and other genres, often adding its own unique twists. Roguelike games […]


15 Apocalypse Movies to Add to Your Watch List

Sometimes, you just want the world to end. We’ve all thought about it. Just one bad day to take you back from the absurd existence that is you and sometimes realize, maybe everything should just end. Best way to process this dire existential crisis? Watching apocalyptic movies! Of course, there is a scientific explanation for […]


Best Anime Focused YouTube Channels To Check Out

There’s a lot of new anime that comes out every season of the year. However, weeding out the shitty ones from the gems can be a difficult task. Here’s where the beauty of content creators on YouTube come along. Anime YouTube channels have come a long way from smashing cool anime clips with Linkin Park […]