Old Video Games Worth Revisiting in 2023

Are you bored with recent newer game titles? I can’t blame you. The number of terrible video games launched this year is astounding. Triple-A titles released thoroughly undercooked, but with the same $70 price tags is absolutely ridiculous.

We even get studios putting up a sorry note right before you start playing the new Gollum game. And let’s not even start with the messy release of Redfall and STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor. With all that, it’s no wonder that one would go back into rediscovering old video games.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum video games

We’re on the same page with you. We went back revisiting old games from the past. Complete games, no mess and fuss. Many timeless video games that are made in the past probably deserve your attention more than the new game titles today.

So let’s go back in time to revisit the gaming treasures of the past. Treat yourself with a satisfying gaming experience by playing these old video games in 2023. Here’s our list of the best nostalgic video games, or at least what we think that’s old.

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 video games

Genre: Third-person Shooter

Listen, if life gets you down, then play a little Max Payne 3. He’ll show you what real pain is. From the masters of storytelling, Rockstar Games made this gem as the penultimate to the Max Payne franchise.

Max Payne 3 is a crime noir video game, the features around a man who lived a life filled with grief and pain. And with the help of painkillers and booze, he finally got the revenge he was after. Max Payne 3 is about redemption. To start a new life in a faraway land.

But this doesn’t mean the story gets all mushy. We still get the dark and pessimistic lines from Max himself. But we do find he yearns for a new life in little pockets of his non-stop gun battles in the favelas of Brazil.

The cinematic presentation of the cutscenes and the levels is well done. Let’s not forget the bullet time mechanics that this game pioneered are included and added with a little cinematic feature for the last enemy. The gun battle feels real, with reloads in between taking time. Better do it behind cover.

Mad Max

Mad Max video games

Genre: Open-world Action-adventure

There aren’t many games that are adapted from movies and are a good experience. And in the list of the few exceptions, Mad Max is one of them.

Instead of the typical cyberpunk genre video game, what we get is a diesel punk open-world action game. Say goodbye to normal speech patterns and logic in this apocalyptic world of the future. People of this world have a couple of screws loose in their heads. Probably from inhaling toxic fumes at all times.

Mad Max combines driving and aggressive combat. Like Warhammer 40k aggressive. Ram through unsuspecting desert raider vehicles, and take over camps sprawled across the map. Activate your rage mode and start laying down a serious beat down.

The car mechanics and exploration is a very interesting experience. And the combat sequence is heavy and brutal. Max Max is a fevered dream in the desert of the desolate world, and it is an absolute masterpiece.

Age of Empires 3

Age of Empires 3

Genre: Real-time Strategy

If you’ve started playing games from a young age, chances are you’ve come across the Age of Empires franchise. Probably one of the most famous real-time strategy game out there, Age of Empires came a long way. From converting enemy villagers using your priests to navigating massive gunships to your enemy’s shores.

Age of Empires 3 features the colonial era, bringing unique civilization across history that you can play. Experience unique designs that you get as you upgrade your civilization to the next era. Another interesting game mechanic in AOE3 is the home city mechanic. You are able to unlock certain perks in the tech tree, which will be available in the game. You can also customize how your home city looks like.

AOE 3 has never failed in bringing a satisfying experience of building your very own civilization from scratch. Beautiful graphics, stunning animation and of course, a good upgrade for each game title it produces. Age of Empires is the masterpiece of the franchise.

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun video games

Genre: Real-time Strategy

Here’s another interesting real-time strategy. But this time, we’re revisiting one of the most popular retro titles. CNC: Tiberian Sun is a great game and known as the most hyped game of 1999. Taking over the original storyline of global conflict, Tiberian Sun introduces alien substance known as Tiberium into the gameplay.

Players harvest this material as a resource to upgrade their base and units. All the units are designed to be futuristic and has solid and unique voice lines implemented in each unit. Like any other RTS games out there, it’s all about strategic resource management.

Some of the in-game animation is amazing, considering when it was released. The Ion Cannon feature is particularly an awesome experience that everyone should try at least once in their life.

Rome: Total War

Rome: Total War

Genre: Turn-based Strategy, Real-time Tactics

Enough of small maps, let’s go bigger. A game that will probably take days to complete. It’s time to bring back hidden gems from the past. Rome: Total War will keep you entertained for weeks with its long gameplay and replayability factor. It is a turn-based strategy that is massive in scale as compared to your typical RTS game.

The game is also complicated as you’ll have two gameplay to manage at all times. First is the resources of your empire. Build buildings and establish trade routes with select partners to get an economy running. Look to expand to nearby territories.

The second aspect is battle. With each territory that you want to conquer, a battle will take place. You’ll have to manage the size and types of troops in your legion as you march to the new territory. Durin the battle phase, you have the option to command your army. Total War allows your to set your troops in various formations and deploy your very own tactics in each battle.

Total War: Rome is an interesting experience whereby it features the map of ancient times, empires of old and even actual units that existed back in the day. While it’s not always head on battle, the game requires you to exercise control and apply finesse. Build diplomatic bonds or send spies to subterfuge your opponent.

The biggger than life that the game brings allows the right amount of immersion for players. While this can be a heavy experience that some might not be looking for, it is one of the hallmark of video games being more complex and deploying cutting age video games technology.

Metal Slug

Metal Slug

Genre: Run and Gun, Platformer

Alright, let’s really look at retro video games. No strategy, just straight shoot em’ up. All we need is a classic arcade game, and you can never go wrong with Metal Slug.

Metal Slug brings the glory of the arcade back into your computer screen. It has a retro-style action which uses military-influenced design elements. Think about Rambo but in a goofy way.

It is fast-paced arcade-style game that uses vibrant and detailed pixel art. This game is best played with another player, with the maximum of 4 players at a time. While it is goofy and fun, the game can be challenging, especially the boss fights. Travel to different parts of the world and take out the enemy with various cool weapons and attack vehicles. There’s a plot behind all the shooting, so if you’re paying close attention, you might just be rewarded with an interesting plot line.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Genre: Racing

Another staple of game genres is racing. You can never go wrong with a good racing game. The early 2000s saw the rise to amazing racing games, paired with better graphic rendering tech. Cars look realistic, and the controls are precise and had a certain level of feedback.

The culmination of this particular genre comes in the form of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. While enjoying the success of the Underground series, the team behind this game did not rest on their laurels. Instead, these mad lads decided to churn out another game that’s totally different from what they have been doing.

NFS: Most Wanted added police chases as part of the gameplay. While GTA players might scoff at this, the level of polish and adrenaline rush that this particular

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2

Genre: Action Role-playing, Sci-Fi

A movie is not the only medium that’s capable of developing an epic space opera. Although, the threat of extinction is far more serious than any other space opera. Introducing Mass Effect, perhaps the strongest title from the Mass Effect sage. We’re definitely not including Mass Effect Andromeda. We don’t talk about that.

Mass Effect 2 is a role-playing sci-fi game that is set in the distant future. It revolves around space exploration and many replayable game mechanics. From third-person shooting action, to choosing the decision-tree that’ll ultimately affect how the game ends. Mass Effect 2 is complex, but has not sacrificed the entertainment value of the game.

Mass Effect storyline is an engaging and thrilling experience. You play Commander Shepard, a special ops’ soldier that is revived to bring aid all living beings in the galaxy from destruction. The story is rabbit hole, with plot twist reveals and in-depth character development. We would suggest you start your journey with Mass Effect 1 to fully appreciate this title.

Tropico 4

Tropico 4

Genre: City-building, Simulation

Alright, this will be the last RTS game on this list, we promise. Tropico 4 is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously. Unlike most RTS games that features a serious survival vibe, Tropico 4 is a hilarious take on the genre.

While using a humorous and satirical tone, you’ll experience some good amount of RTS gameplay. You’re a new dictator of a Carribbean island, and you’re now in charge of the island’s prosperity. Not to mention you get to embezzle public funds into your Swiss bank account while you enact policies for the good of your people.

There isn’t much fighting in the game, except for the occasional rebels trying to take over the capital. Tropico 4 focuses more on managing the economy, infrastructure and citizens. Proper planning will allow you to capitalize on your island’s rich natural resources. Don’t forget to complete the missions and scenarios in the campaign!

Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight

Genre: Action-adventure

It’s hard to pinpoint the best Arkham game to have ever existed. After all, the Arkham series is perhaps one of the best Batman video games out there. Each Arkham game has its own strong point, but Arkham Knight is our favorite purely from gameplay view.

You play as Batman in an open-world that is Gotham City. If you’re familiar with this particular video game franchise, then you know they do a lot of things right with this game. From fluid combat mechanics to stealth gameplay. And let’s not forget to satisfying combo meter and a decent investigative gameplay.

We haven’t even touched on the Batmobile. Cruise down the streets and hunt for bad guys with style. The Batmobile is heavily featured within the gameplay, instead of being an optional accessory. You could even use it to give you the initial boost to start gliding with your bat wings.

Arkham Knight is the last game in the Arkham series. We would recommend you to explore the entire franchise titles as each brings a different experience of its own. The Arkham series will be sorely missed, and we can’t wait for Rocksteady Studios next major game project.



Genre: Racing

And we’re back to racing! But not just any racing. Forget about cops and conventional racing tactics. What you’re going to need is a Mario Kart style armory and launch it at your opponents.

Blur is an arcade-style racing with realistic graphics. The gameplay revolves around racing real-life locations and tracks. However, the interesting aspect of this game is power-ups and weapons that you pick along the track. You can use them in an intense battle of wits with your opponents ahead and behind you. Use shields, projectiles and even traps to protect your car and destroy the rest. Blur is also ahead of its time where it implements a fan base system. The more stylish you finish the race, the more fans you get. Pretty much nailed how things are now in our world today. Moving on.

Blur is a fun game that is best played with friends. Enjoy the variety of real-world car makes and take on the challenge with your friends.

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

Genre: Tactical Shooter, FPS

The World War II first-person shooter was picking up tremendous hype in the early 2000s. We saw the launch of multiple Call of Duty and Medal of Honor titles throughout the years. While these two are somewhat similar, there’s one that stood out from the rest.

Brothers in Arms is a squad-based first-person shooter that made its debut in 2004. Instead of shooting Nazis head on, we get a more tactical approach to the combat. You get a squad that each member takes up a different role. You can also direct them during combat. Lay down suppressive fire, attack the flank, rally and charge. The game focuses more on team command rather than individual marksmanship, like the other games in the same genre.

Brother in Arms feels real, in the sense that it doesn’t provide background music cue to the upcoming battles. All you get is the sounds of war. Bullets whizzing in the air and the impact sounds of large projectiles. It gives off a sense of battle and doesn’t dampen the experience with other elements such as background music. And better, Brothers in Arms is based on real-life events during the world war. Overall, Brothers in Arms was a fresh take on what was becoming a slowly saturated World War II homage.

Reviving Gaming Classics

And there you have it. These video games are probably the defining titles that gave the starting point to many awesome games we love today. The lesson here today is to never pre-order unreleased video games and to go back to your Steam library and look at some of the older game titles that you have. You never know, rekindling gaming memories might just set you in a good mood.

Speaking of nostalgic video games, check out new games tackling the classic video game genres below:



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