Best Anime Focused YouTube Channels To Check Out

There’s a lot of new anime that comes out every season of the year. However, weeding out the shitty ones from the gems can be a difficult task. Here’s where the beauty of content creators on YouTube come along. Anime YouTube channels have come a long way from smashing cool anime clips with Linkin Park songs. We now get content creators that talk about this particular animation format in a deeper sense. That, and also they give an insight on what’s good coming up. So here are a couple of YouTube content creators that focus on talking about anime and letting us know about what is hot and what is not.

Each content creator listed here has their own unique twist on how they present their stuff. From great presenting voices to impactful content. We got it all on this list. Each entry So let’s start this list with the first content creator on YouTube!

Scamboli Reviews: Just Damn Good Content

Scamboli Reviews anime channel.

I’m not going to lie when I say I take all of my anime recommendation from this guy right here. Scamboli Reviews features content that is absolutely slaps. Scamboli not only looks at Japan’s anime, he has introduced interesting animation content from different countries, particularly from Korea and China. He is a man of culture that does not beat around the bush about how he feels about a particular show.

Check out some of his latest videos as he talks about anime to look out for as well as his passion towards excellent past shows. So if you want something new, as well as gems from the past, Scamboli Reviews is the place to be. Let it be known that Scamboli called out Jujutsu Kaisen to be a great show to get on the way before anyone else. Also, he talked about Chainsaw Man.

YouTube Channel: Scamboli Reviews

Best Video: Mob Psycho is Better Than One-Punch Man.

Gigguk: Anime Reviews and In-Depth Look

Gigguk Anime Channel.

Gigguk is probably one of the first few content creators on YouTube that got their start by creating comprehensive anime content. And when I say comprehensive, you know that I’m not talking about “Sasuke Vs Naruto AMV” type of deal. Gigguk explores the world of anime like no one else. The man knows his stuff when it comes to anything anime or Japan. Probably second to The Anime Man.

Personally, I feel Gigguk has the most complete Best Anime of The Year list. And he does this every year. You can check out his latest list on his YouTube channel for the year 2021. He covers various genres and, frankly, his recommendations and insight is a journey he takes us on each video. And coupled with his ecchi references sprinkled around his videos, you can bet that you’ll have a great time-consuming his content.

YouTube Channel: Gigguk

Best Video: Best of Anime 2021

ViniiTube: Anime Compilations For Days

ViniiTube Anime Channel.

Sure, we all still instinctively flocked to listicles (God, I hate typing that) thanks to BuzzFeed. Lists of anime have always been around for years. It’s nothing new in terms of content format. However, ViniiTube takes it to a whole new level with great editing, and, of course, the fantastic voice-over. If you’re finding yourself needing to have a certain type of anime content, then VinniTube is there to accommodate your request. The channel takes the best specific moments from anime and compiles it into specific lists.

The lists made on this channel pertain to specific anime moments such as “Top 10 Most Satisfying Anime Punches“.This is perhaps one of the best ways to find new anime titles to watch based on your taste. If you enjoy more action-packed anime, then perhaps you could find gems from the list in the example above. This could be a faster way for you to find new anime to watch that you can judge immediately on whether you would enjoy the premise.

You could also find compilation of specific characters from your favorite anime. ViniiTube has it all. Go check it out!

YouTube Channel: ViniiTube

Best Video: Best Anime Showcases of Power in 2021

The Anime Man: Everything Anime and Japan

The Anime Man YouTube channel.

Perhaps the most charming content creator in this list, The Anime Man has been around the block for awhile now. The Anime Man, also known by his real name, Joey is half Japanese who is currently living in Japan. So you know his content has a layer of legitimacy to it. Check out his anime content, as well as anything to do with Japan.

The channel features anime content, but has since diversified. The anime content is solid, bringing new anime titles to light, as well as reviewing them, so we can better understand what is happening. You can also find content revolving around manga that you can go check out while you wait for the next episode of your favorite manga.

The Anime Man frequently collaborates with other Japan-focused channels, such as Chris Broad, for example, and brings us interesting content out of the anime sphere from time to time.

If you also enjoy listening and watching podcasts, you can check out his latest venture, Trash Taste, which is currently headlined by Joey, Gigguk and CDawgVA.

YouTube Channel: The Anime Man

Best Video: Winter 2022 Anime Season: What Will I Be Watching?



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