Cult of the Lamb: 9 Tips & Tricks

We recently got to playing Cult of the Lamb (we’re pretty late, we know) and what an experience it was. The game combines base building and management with roguelike dungeon crawler action. The game experience has been a delight and we think Cult of Lamb will be a great introductory game to those who’re looking to try their hands on roguelike games. While it can be an overwhelming experience for some, we’ve decided to give a couple of beginner tips to help you build a foundation of your first cult and turn it into an enjoyable and exciting experience. Let’s go!


Your Followers are Tools

cult-of-the-lamb- follower

You are running a cult after all, so use your followers as a cult leader would do. Cult of the Lamb end goal is to defeat the four bishops in order to release The Old One that has given you a second chance in life, as well as ungodly powers.

Sacrifice your followers to increase weapon damage. Use them to summon demons that will assist you during your crusades. You can also sacrifice them to resurrect yourself after dying during a crusade run. While you might be reluctant to sacrifice anyone in a gory (but cute) manner, trust us when we say that the game is not too kind to those with a heart of gold.

Hint: If you really want to keep your cult members, you can still perform the revive from the dead ritual. Might cause a slight drop in total faith, but hey, if you love them so much, this is an option.

Smash Everything


People who speedrun through games and life have one thing in common. They miss out on the small things in life. And sometimes, these minute details missed are the ones that can be a life-changing event. So, don’t be them and smash everything in the room. You can get more raw materials for your base. Scarced materials such as wood and stone is valuable to build up your cult, especially in the early phase of the game.

And sometimes, you might just find a heart while you’re desperately looking for ways to heal. So, just smash everything in the room before leaving it. Standard Operating Procedure moving forward.

Build Prisons to Hold Dissenter


Dissenters are annoying. They would range from being a nuisance to a real threat to your cult as you progress further into the game. Imagine you’re in a long crusade while a dissenter starts spreading chaos throughout your cult. You’ll have a big mess to clean up when you get back to your base.

While it’s annoying to deal it, dissenters present an opportunity for you. Remember we said you need to sacrifice people? So the quality of your sacrifice in terms of loyalty influences your total bonus.

Build Farms


Food is going to be one of those main meters to keep full in your cult besides faith and sanitation. Besides meat items, you’re going to need to grow your crops to feed your followers with nutritious food that does not consist of them eating poop or grass. Farms are the best way to grow a steady supply of edible food ingredients. Feeding your followers with edible meals will help them from not getting sick or exhausted, and improve their faith. Build Farms, seed and fertilizer silos, and harvest totems to get your followers to automatically farm the available plots and increase crop yield.

Fill up Meters Before Crusades


You never know what’s going to happen in your base when you leave for a crusade. Can you trust your followers to keep it going? Nope. Your followers are like children that need to be supervised at all times. So you’ll need to make sure all the meters are filled up before leaving your base, especially the three main ones: faith, hunger and sanitation. All these would keep your base running smoothly and prevents from your cult going into revolt when you come back from your crusades.

Poop is Good For Food


While the poop left behind by your followers might look it has no function, it turns out to be a gold mine further into the game. Particularly for growing food in your base, acting as a fertilizers. Farm plots fertilized by poop will yield a larger harvest. This is great to keep up with your growing cult’s food demands over time. So store the poop for future use. Poop is also used as a building material for late game buildings, so never sell them or throw them away. Poop is useful.

And don’t forget to empty your outhouses if you have any. Poop around your base will increase the chances of your followers falling sick.

Perform Sermons Daily for Upgrades


Sometimes, you’ll find yourself struggling even with the lowest enemy form in a run. This can be caused by you low-levelled weapons and spells. Your access is limited to those and it has reach its limits when you use them in the next dungeon.

This is where you take a step back and start levelling up your base and yourself. Perform sermons daily in your temple to collect strength so you can unlock new gear and spells for your next crusade. These new items will come in handy as you face harder enemy units and battling mini bosses.

Best Starter Rituals


Rituals are the best way to boost morale amongst your followers, as well trying to cover your butt when your faith levels are dangerously low. Use rituals to fill up your faith meter, get bonuses in getting items or just to get your followers to work harder for you. Here are a few useful rituals that you’ll come across as you level up your cult:

Feasting Ritual

It’s time to set the dinner table and offer your cult followers a generous feast. While this ritual will not fill up their stomachs, it would fill up the faith meter pretty nicely, to avoid any unwanted rebellion when you come back to your base.

Cost: 37 Bones

Reward: +30 Faith


Being a cult leader can be a lonely existence. Spice up your life with a plus one, forever. You can have a couple of partners at one time, but this might cause them to get jealous of each other. So, do this wisely and avoid any problems down the line. A wedding ritual is a cheap way to get your faith meter filled up.

Cost: 37 Bone

Reward: +30 Faith 

Ritual Of The Ocean’s Bounty

You need ingredients to cook, and you need them immediately. This ritual enables you to hook more sea creatures as you fish for them. Reel them in and enjoy multiple units of sea creatures that can be turned into delicious food for your followers. Ritual bonus lasts for 2 days, so plan your fishing trip ahead.

Cost: 75 Bones

Reward: Catch double fish for two days, and special fish will be more common.

The Glory Of Construction

It’s time to get your followers to earn their keep. Get them to work by “The Glory of Construction” ritual and ongoing construction projects will be built instantaneously. Best way to use this ritual is to have multiple buildings place first before conducting the ritual. This helps in getting your basic infrastructure such as farms, shelter and resource mines to function optimally.

Cost: 75 Bone, -20 Faith 

Reward: Instantly build all structures currently under construction

Holy Day Ritual

You have your cult running smoothly, and you’re in no need for additional materials to be added into your inventory. Give your cult followers a break and let them enjoy an off day. Holy Day ritual is an effective tool to be used if you find your faith level is dangerously low. This is the best way to mitigate a full on revolt in your cult.

Cost: 75 Bones

Reward: +80 faith

Dispose Bodies

cult-of-the-lamb-dead- bodies

While it is tempting to leave annoying dead followers lying in the open as a reminder to the rest, it’s not a great idea. Dead bodies will cause the base’s sanitation level to drop, which will bring about disease spreading amongst your cult members. Dispose them into body pits or crypts. You can also use Natural Burial plots to bury your dead members of your cult and turn them into useful fertilizer. If you have a cult member that you have a particular attachment to, you can always use the Ritual of Resurrection ritual. Of course, it comes with a cost.

And there you have it! You’re now set to start your very own cult. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of gameplay. Remember to balance base management as well as upgrading yourself for battles. Cult of the Lamb is a cute and unique experience that brings new perspective to the roguelike genre. Happy gaming!

Cult of the Lamb F.A.Q

What is Cult of the Lamb?

Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike video game developed by indie developer Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital. It is an action dungeon crawler where you are rescued from a sacrificial ritual by an Unknown Entity, giving you supernatural powers to start a cult and defeat the current Gods known as the Bishops.

Is Cult of the Lamb Multiplayer?

No, the game is a single-player experience.

Is Cult of the Lamb available on all platforms?

Cult of the Lamb is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Does Cult of the Lamb has any DLC in the works?

Yes, the upcoming expansion is in works. It’s called the Relics of the Old Faith. Cult of The Lamb also will not be available for purchase starting January 2024 as the developer has decided to delete the game due to recent Unity’s announcement. This may change in the near future.



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