15 Best Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

Spooktober is here, and that can only mean one thing. It’s time for a horror movie marathon! Horror movies have evolved over decades and reinvented itself many times to keep dishing out its intended effect. We now have sub genres under the horror movie category with great hits coming along over the years. In this […]


Small Roles, Big Impact: 9 Unforgettable Side Characters in Movies

Lights, camera, action! While lead characters make or break movies, let’s not forget the side characters. These underrated gems, with their limited screen time, manage to leave an indelible mark on our memories. Join us on a journey as we explore the captivating world of unforgettable side characters in film. We look to commemorate these […]


7 Most Iconic Hallway Action Scenes Ever

If you’re into action flicks, then you know the iconic hallway action scene. The one versus many. The odds stacked against the protagonist. This would turn out to be one of the best action tropes to come up in recent movie history as it depicts a much more realistic fight choreography. No more fast cuts, […]

Gaming Movies

The 5 Best & Terrible MCU Villains to Date

With every MCU movie, there is a villain. The quality of the villain usually determines the quality of the movie. As movies trended towards presenting villains as misunderstood characters that were dealt a bad hand in life. While it was interesting, it started to get mundane. Nobody wants a villain with a bad childhood. Moviegoers […]


10 Best Movies From the 90s To Rewatch Today

The roaring 90s was the perfect time for moviegoers. CGI is on the rise, and various topics and genres are melded together to give us unique movie experiences. While movies today focus more on realism, movies from the 90s focused more on giving out a wholesome experience. These movies provide an escapism that a lot […]


10 Big Budget Movies That Nobody Remembers

This is a tough article to write. When you can’t remember a damn thing about the movies that we have on this list, it’s definitely a challenge. A lot of rewatching trailers and review had to be done so we can jog our memory on what we thought about these movies when we first watched […]


15 Apocalypse Movies to Add to Your Watch List

Sometimes, you just want the world to end. We’ve all thought about it. Just one bad day to take you back from the absurd existence that is you and sometimes realize, maybe everything should just end. Best way to process this dire existential crisis? Watching apocalyptic movies! Of course, there is a scientific explanation for […]

Archive 81 - A Review Movies

Archive 81 Review: A Balanced Take on the Cosmic Horror Genre

Netflix has always been a hit or miss for me in terms of its homegrown series and movies. They’re notorious for ruining anime adaptations, especially the live-action ones. However, when Netflix hits the mark, it takes you on a binging journey of well-paced story telling and a slow descent into the madness that is the […]

Dune 2021 Review Movies

Dune 2020: A Refreshing Take on The Popular Series

There’s always a line in a movie that hits differently than the rest of the movie. You’ll feel deep inside you that this particular moment is when the movie has definitely made an impact on you. For Dune, it was when Jessica had just sent her son into an uncertain situation that could mean the […]