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It wasn’t an easy process.
It was a humbling journey.

A journey that I unwittingly had to take.
I could blame a million things.

A bad relationship, bad working environment, or maybe just bad fucking luck.

But ultimately, it’s my life. The one golden ticket of life that I get to spend in this world and the decisions I made along the way that has taken me, inevitably, here. This moment right now.

The crossroads. Not the first one I’ve had to take.
But I’d like to argue that the previous ones that I’ve taken were made through the volition of others.
Only this time, am I truly alone to make the choice.

What do I do? What if I make the same mistake?
But at least, I’m awake. I wouldn’t be making the decision while sleepwalking through life.
The last time I had to take the crossroads of life, it was all about survival.

A dying industry. A snowballing debt. An injury that’s breaking me. A missing support system. All these things piled up to make me feel cornered.
I struggled my way through the damn mud of the new frontier. Pay cuts. Change of lifestyle. New skills.
Barely any money or resources left. All for the promise of a new opportunity.
To learn, to grow. And I did. With the grace of one great mentor. As well as reconnecting with like-minded friends.

Here we are again. At the crossroads. The big one.

What will I do? The silent breeze and the gentle light of a better future illuminate the crossroad.
This is my time. Time to self-actualize. I will make it out the other side. I will conquer the space outside my comfort zone.

I will make it.



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